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User:amaresu (19007)
Website:Where I really live online
Bio:To be added later
Interests:124: algiz, anime, ansuz, anthropomorphic personifications, bad horror movies, badfic hangovers, bernice summerfield, big finish, brimstone, brit sci-fi, buffy the vampire slayer, c'rizz, canada, captainjack/captainjack/lexluthor, care bears, chaos, charley pollard, chuck, chuck/bryce, comic books, cowboy bebop, crizz, cthulhu, dagaz, dark angel, discordia, discworld, doctor who, earth 2, eighth doctor, eihwaz, erimem, eris, evelyn smythe, evil hands, fandom, fanfiction, fehu, fnord, gargoyles, gebo, good omens, graphic novels, h.p. lovecraft, harsh realm, hex, highlander, history, incorrectly worshiping nostalgia_lj, india fisher, inguz, invisible man, isa, jera, jet li's insane hotness, john constantine, katelyn bruhn, kaunaz, laguz, law of fives, little known sci-fi, lucie miller, manga, mannaz, mel bush, metaphysics, mickey smith, minioning, monty python, my little pony, mystery science theater 3000, nebulous, neil gaiman, nostalgia_lj, nyarlathotep, once a thief, oz, paul mcgann, penguins, peri brown, philosophy, pirates, popples, principia discordia, radio 4, raido, reading, religious studies, roadtrips, runes, runestones, sacred chao, sandman, sapphire & steel, sapphire and steel, sarcasm, science fiction, seaquest, secret societies, silver/sapphire, slayers, sowelu, space: above and beyond, spirituality, steel/lead, supernatural, susan foreman, tao, tardis, tegan jovanka, terry pratchett, the crow, the history channel, thurisaz, transmetropolitan, uruz, used books, video games, vimes, weird-ass creepy telly, wunjo, zagreus, zen,
Schools:None listed
Member of:1: gallifrey
Account type:Early Free User

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