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[Sep. 16th, 2008|08:02 pm]
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- Comment on this post, and ask me to give you a letter.

- Think of 5 fictional characters beginning with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

I was given "R" by [info]grimmy23

Rita, “Dexter”

Rita is an amazing character. At first she seemed to be a meek, helpless, one-dimensional character, but then she proved time and time again (with Paul, her mom, Dexter’s apparent drug use and interference from Rita) that she would not take any shit and she would stop at nothing to protect her children. I know a lot of fans want Dexter to remain alone and unable to sustain a long-term relationship because he doesn’t have emotions and blah, blah, blah, but damn it, Rita is perfect for him. She makes him human.

Rose, “The Golden Girls”

“The Golden Girls” would not have been the same without her. Sure, Sophia was the heart of the show, but it was Rose who was the catalyst for so many of the jokes. Between her St. Olaf stories and Dorothy telling her to shut it, her ignorance to Blanche’s promiscuity or her all around child-like mentality Rose was the show’s primary source of laughter. And to top it off, she’s the most lovable doof to ever grace television.

Ross & Rachel, "Friends"

Two for one! Ross and Rachel are the ultimate TV couple, aren’t they? And both are such terrific characters. First, we have Ross, who is neurotic and dorky and wonderful and then we have Rachel, who is spoiled and prissy and also wonderful. They weren’t exactly high-school sweethearts, but Ross pined for her since then and we all love stories of hearts pining for one another. The only thing more romantic than their date in the planetarium (“Oh, honey, it’s OK”; “No, I just rolled over a juice box”) is their first kiss in the rain outside Central Perk.

Riggins, "Friday Night Lights"

Tim Riggins AKA the sexiest man alive. Oh, how we ladies love us a troubled man with a tortured soul (and those baby blues don’t hurt either). Poor Riggins just needs some nurturing and lots of love and he’ll be able to live up to his full potential. Furthermore, Coach Taylor acting as his (and Smash’s and Saracen’s …) father figure is so enduring. I want him to live with the Taylors again! He has amazing chemistry with Julie!!

Ryan, "The Office"

The intern! You thought he was a good guy until he throw away Pam’s medal away in “Office Olympics.” That was not cool, Ryan; NOT COOL. And then he refused to give up his Jim’s desk when Jim came back in “The Merger.” And then our suspicions were confirmed at the very end of the season three finale: “We’re breaking up” he said slyly, with his back turned to Kelly as he glanced at the camera. Kelly’s crazy, so we could really blame him, but come season four Ryan returned with a beard, a beard that brought out his evil. Possibly the best character transformation in television history!


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haha like NO ONE'S name starts with n. =[ can i have a new oneee?
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lol. Here's an easy one: S!