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User:andromeda (7449)

Given by Kikithepirate @ GJ. Was proud. And actually didn't vote for myself! Imagine that--honesty!
Interests:37: accio hagrid!, acting, andromea/ted, being a thespian, being awesome, being better, being disturbed, being vain, beth hungover, buddy holly, chick flicks, debates, dirty dancing, elvis presley, emily bronte, harry potter, harry/ginny, having this un, hermione/ron, james/lily, jane austen, jerry lee lewis, jk rowling, johnny cash, lack of grammar, lames, me, pretty people, remus/tonks, role play, sarah's awol time, sean's lmao, snape/lily, snily, theology, writing, your mom
Schools:None listed
People11:brandonflowers, corleone, cristina_lacosa, hellblazer, iasant, johnnyrcash, kickawesome, ludivine, mikipinku, poorlilrockstar, thekillers
Friend of:11: brandonflowers, corleone, hellblazer, iasant, kickawesome, laceandcream, ludivine, mikipinku, milkyway, poorlilrockstar, thekillers
Account type:Early Adopter

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