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Houzuki Suigetsu ([info]aquatic) wrote,
@ 2011-08-26 14:30:00

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Current mood: amused


Character's Name: Houzuki Suigetsu
Character's Age: 20
Character's Model: Yamashita Tomohisa [Hair will be shopped of course~]
Year in School: Sophomore
Major / Minor: Marine Biology
Clubs / Activities / Job?: Swim team, Water Polo referee, underground cage fighter (shhh, that’s hush hush),

Background History:

[as a note, I do mention Orochimaru in here, but this is all subject to change, at the discretion of any future players! He probably won't come up in game at all, to prevent problems :3]

Suigetsu, the youngest child of the Houzuki family, was born and raised in a harbor town, where everything revolves around the water. He grew up surrounded by boats, by red-faced fishermen shouting to one another in their uncultured drawl, by the hustle and bustle of a busy port. In fact, Suigetsu comes from a long line of fishermen—and if there was ever any doubt of this, his father would point to the extensive family tree that took up half of the dining room wall and begin rattling off names by rote. (He would go through the entire tree if you let him, and…hardly anyone did.)

Needless to say, the Houzukis were proud of their humble origins.

Suigetsu and his older brother, Mangetsu, had relatively carefree childhoods. They spent many long afternoons in the water, swimming, catching fish with their bare hands (one of many methods their father taught them), playing games that they invented and inevitably drew a crowd of other harbor kids (rough and tumble games where more often than not, most of the kids went home with cuts and bruises and occasionally broken bones—but never Suigetsu or Mangetsu). They would be at the port when their father and his partners brought in a new haul and help unload. The brothers figured they would go on to become fishermen themselves down the line.

Years passed with this routine. Suigetsu joined the swim team in high school with the intention of getting into college on a scholarship—his father was adamant about the importance of education, despite the fact that he never received a formal one. Everything was hunky dory, until Mangetsu was killed in a deep-sea fishing accident when Suigetsu was 16. And something in Suigetsu changed after that. He’d always had violent tendencies (remember those games?), but they really came to the surface after Mangetsu’s death. So he got involved in cage fighting. And who introduced him to this shady activity? An equally shady guy named Orochimaru who was more than happy to give Suigetsu an in despite his age. There was a catch, though, a catch Suigetsu didn’t find out about until he’d already gotten himself ensnared—Suigetsu answered to Orochimaru, was subject to his whims (which often involved a lot of poking and prodding and nameless drugs). He met Sasuke once or twice prior to the Incident that freed him from Orochimaru for good. Suigetsu miraculously finished out high school, got that scholarship, and entered college as a Marine Biology major.

He wouldn’t be a fisherman, but the water would never quite leave him.

…and neither would his penchant for cage fighting. But again, SHHHH that’s on the DL.

Personality/Likes & Dislikes:

Suigetsu is the kind of guy who will tell you he doesn’t like you if he doesn’t like you (if you fall into this category, be prepared for cheap shots at every opportunity because he is what you would call a baiter), and will do the things he wants to do, even if they are in direct opposition to what others may want. Kind of a ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you,’ mentality. Or, consequently, ‘eh, they’ll get over it, they’ll forgive me.’ His nature has a lot of darker elements to it that he manages to suppress as he goes about daily life. Class, swim team, refereeing…but he can’t completely shut out his desire to fight. It’s a part of who he is, and when he can’t hold back anymore, he turns to cage fighting, which he excels at.

The loss of his brother is a sore spot—it hit him harder than he cares to admit, but he isn’t averse to talking about Mangetsu (one of his favorite subjects to discuss when he’s drunk, as a matter of fact, along with daytime talk shows, sharks, and indie porn). And, as I mentioned in the personality section, Mangetsu’s death is the reason Suigetsu got into cage fighting in the first place.

He’s an ambitious person, though he put his ambition on hold when his brother died—their plans for the future involved each other, after all. Over time, he was able to shift his ambition from one goal to another (there aren’t any marine biologists in the Houzuki family; he’s gonna be the first, come hell or high water). Want to really piss him off? Go on and mock that ambition.

Because his focus is often limited to the things that interest him, he can come off as indifferent from time to time. That is, until you give him a reason to pay attention to you. And if you manage to earn his respect, grudging or otherwise, he’ll more than likely step up to the plate for you when push comes to shove (but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop taking shots at you).

He has no qualms about walking around naked. He has no qualms about accepting bribes (and has done so on more than one occasion—here’s looking at you, water polo, you’ve got a classy referee). He has no qualms about lazing and taking frequent breaks.

He is a competitive swimmer.

He is pleasant sometimes, smiley sometimes, coarse and sarcastic sometimes—or all at once, even, if you’re lucky.

Aaaaaand he filed his teeth into points by himself, of his own accord. :D

Writing Sample:

First Person

Once upon a time, Mary had a little lamb. His name was Uchiha Sasuke. His hair and his heart and his very soul were black as coal, and his couch was a lumpy piece of shit. Are you reading this, Sasuke? A lumpy piece of shit. I don’t know how you expect me to get anything done when I’m sleeping on a couch with the consistency of cottage cheese. This has to be bad for the body. If I lose my scholarship because my back is all fucked up, I’m billing you.

On that note, swim meet this weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Yours truly is competing in the 200-meter relay and the 100-meter breaststroke. If your inclination is more toward water polo in regards to spectator sporting, come to the game tomorrow afternoon. 4:00 sharp. Nobody blows a whistle quite like I do.

Sasuke—the subject always rolls back around to you, doesn’t it—what the hell happened to the bottles of water in the fridge? I put seven of them in there. Seven. And how many are left? One. I know you don’t drink that much water, you poor, pasty creature. You better not have thrown them out. Bottled water isn’t cheap.

Man, thirsty enough to drink ten of ‘em in a single sitting.

But I’m always thirsty, and water hits the spot just right. I really never understood how anybody could think water tastes gross—I’ve met people who feel this way, and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Water tastes like water, and it’s good. Clean.

I like water, Sasuke. In bottles. In the fridge. Where I put them.

…pretty sure I have an assignment for organic chemistry due Friday, and I haven’t even started it yet. Because I am distracted by the lumpy couch and the lack of bottled water in the fridge.

Black, black heart, Sasuke.

I need Jell-O. Stat.

Third Person

Some part of Suigetsu will always crave violence. His fingers itch with it, his pulse pounds in his ears, his lips stretch back over his sharp, pointed teeth—he vaguely remembers standing in front of a mirror, strung out on some drug or another (Orochimaru never bothered to tell him what was in the syringes), thinking it was a great idea to put the file in his mouth. Because how many cage fighters had shark teeth? Of course, when his high wore off there was blood in his mouth and blood in the sink and the file had somehow wound up in the toilet and God he clearly remembers how much Orochimaru bitched…

But Suigetsu had those shark teeth. All he needed to do was smirk in his opponent’s direction and the unfortunate schmuck would recoil, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. Didn’t matter to Suigetsu—the recoil, no matter the size, made everything worth it.

He rarely loses his fights, though he does on occasion. And it’s always close. He always leaves his conqueror with a parting gift (those teeth are meant for more than just intimidation).

After Mangetsu died, Suigetsu used the fights as an outlet. Every punch, every kick, every bite and tear and bruise and black eye and puffy lip and pulpy, messy meat sack (that’s what they looked like, when he was finished with them) was an affirmation that Suigetsu was alive and his brother was dead, dead, dead.

The word repeats over and over and over in his head until he leaves the cage. Still does, even if he’s fighting for himself now. Fighting for the thrill, fighting to ignore the way his body craves a hit of those nameless drugs, fighting because that’s just what he does.

And then he goes back to the apartment he shares with the guy who saved him from the life he revisits—aspects of it, anyway. He goes back and Sasuke complains (new complaints, old complaints, they pile up like paper on a desk) and Suigetsu shucks his clothes off and throws them wherever since he’s not one for propriety. He takes a shower and he drinks water and eats yogurt or Jell-O or whatever crap Sasuke made for dinner. They take shots at each other but theirs is an easy camaraderie (built up over time, of course).

This is his life, the kid from the harbor town who was born to be a fisherman but chose a different path.

He ends his days with a swim, slices through the water like a shark.

The teeth, you know, the teeth.

Other Notes:

-He chews on his lip, even with those sharp teeth.
-Every now and again, his hands will tremble. Unfortunate side effect of the drugs.
-Lightning freaks him out. A lot.
-His glasses are purely aesthetic. He wears them when he’s in the mood.
-He has a sword collection.
-His favorite foods are Jell-O and yogurt. His least favorite is dried cuttlefish.
-He is fond of animals

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Re: OW
2009-09-11 03:01 pm UTC (link)
:) islu, ash

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