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User:betterthanyou (24462)
Name:⸗ von karma empress ⸗
Delivered from the blast, the last of a line of lasts
The pale princess of a palace cracked
And now the kingdom comes
Crashing down undone

And I am a master of a nothing place
Of recoil and grace...


Franziska von Karma is the prized daughter of the famous prosecutor Manfred von Karma and due to such, strives for excellence just as fiercely as any other student at Songo Academy. At the age of 15 years old she is a freshman at her first year of high school. She is often absent from morning classes to watch her father in court, her passion and major being that of prosecuting. Her favorite subject in school is history and her least favorite seems to be P.E. Often can be seen arguing with English teachers over her excessive abuse of the word "fool".

She is considered a petite girl, her height being 5' 2" and of average weight. Her uniform is always in order and without wrinkles, her appearance obviously important to her. Carried with her at all times is a worned whip, obviously of some importance to the girl. Her papa and "younger brother" seem to be the only family in her life she speaks fondly of. Questions about any one else usually results in ten lashes from the whip.

Has difficulty getting along with the other students, since they are all foolish fools and not on the same level. Another small quirk of the student is her excessive use of the German language when speaking down to other students.



profile code: herinia @ crysella | graphics: mei @ capiche
Interests:36: abuse of the thesaurus, being spoiled, better than you!, breaking open doors, demon prosecutor ♥, do not want edgeyxnick, foolish fool's fool, german brat, objection!, pretentious and mighty, pretentiously pretentious, prosecuting, proving wright wrong, stealing scruffy's lunch money, the word fool, the word fool(random word), the word fooled, the word foolheartedly, the word fooling, the word foolish, the word fools, tracking scruffy detectives, von karma pride, whipping everything in los, whipping the defendant, whipping the defense, whipping the detectives, whipping the doctors, whipping the evidence, whipping the judge, whipping the legal aides, whipping the officers, whipping the witness, whipping the witness stand, whips, whips quite possibly bondage
Schools:None listed
People22:astrangeboy, bancoran, betterthanyou, blindambition, blindfacade, blindfaith, elegantvanity, gynophobic, intothesky, jesusbeam, kurosu, mikan, misterturnabout, noobjections, onmyouji, puruuto, rushingwind, seto, shibuyasproxy, tobeloved, turkishdelight, zerokiryu
Communities2:songoacademy, songoacademyooc
Mutual Friends:19: astrangeboy, bancoran, betterthanyou, blindambition, blindfaith, elegantvanity, gynophobic, jesusbeam, kurosu, mikan, misterturnabout, noobjections, onmyouji, puruuto, rushingwind, seto, tobeloved, turkishdelight, zerokiryu
Member of:2: songoacademy, songoacademyooc
Account type:Early Free User

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