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User:biggiesmalls (14189)
Location:The Electric City, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:AIM status thru city lights (Add Buddy, Send Message)
every morning i wake up and catch a bus to a super-market to work for 8 hours, come home, take about half a dozen hits off my bong, either do jigsaw puzzles, read, watch tv, watch a movie, or play video games while i eat food and share great moments with some great people. i make out with my amazing boyfriend, say goodnight to our stuffed animals (hippie, winston & manning) and then go to bed. i do this about five days a week & i couldn't ask for a better way to live right now. i also love stand-up comedy, amazing conversations, people that actually have depth and the new york fucking giants. i guess it takes a certain type of person to understand anything i say.

i'm also insanely nice,
so if you're still interested,
then definitely add me.
Interests:18: california, conspiracies, jigsaw puzzles, lyrics, madden 06, marijuana, movies, nepa, paul rudd, philosophy, politics, relationships, road trips, sonic the hedgehog ii, the new york giants, the summer, the winter, vietnam war movies
People3:biggiesmalls, friskyxkitty, trashy
Account type:Early Free User

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