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User:citronique (18693)
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Bio:Breaking out of a pretty little package.

You can't peg me.
Interests:96: !!!, american eagle, audrey hepburn, bitch, britney spears, chanel, cheer, chicago cubs, chiodos, chloe, christian dior, christina aguilera, coheed and cambria, collar bones, converge, dancing, diesel, dior, dolce & gabbana, dominique swain, ebay, eluxury, every time i die, eyeliner, fashion, fendi, first person shooters, flip flops, four letter lie, ghost recon, gwen stefani, hardcore, hip bones, hip-hop, homestar runner, ipod, j. crew, jackie o, jackson 5, jason mraz, jimmy choo, john mayer, juicy, juicy couture, jurassic 5, kill hannah, lacoste, las vegas, lilly pulitzer, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, lisa marie presley, lolita, manolo blahnik, marc jacobs, modest mouse, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, nicktoons, no doubt, paper denim & cloth, paris hilton, pearls, photography, piercings, pink, polo ralph lauren, prada, preppy, protest the hero, rock & republic, roller skates, saosin, shopping, skinny boys, smoky eyes, snow patrol, starbucks, stella mccartney, style, sugar, summerlin, sweet, swimming, tanning, thai food, the academy is..., the arcade fire, the killers, the oblongs, the postal service, the simpsons, the starting line, tupac, urban decay,
Communities3:awesometube, spearssource, totaltruth
Member of:4: awesometube, spearssource, thrashground, totaltruth
Account type:Early Free User

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