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.jess. ([info]contrary) wrote,
@ 2008-03-25 00:49:00

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too late
I need to be asleep
but instead I'm updating like a jerk.

Mom woke me up this morning to go eat lunch with her. It was really sweet and wonderful of her to invite me.
I went and ate shrimp and a ceasar salad and it was delicious.
Then I bought shoes, went to the bank, and bought checks.
I have 300 dollars at the moment.
Im not sure if that includes yesterdays transactions or not. If not, then I really only have 200.

In early april i should get about 300.
I also get paid in 2 weeks. so that should be another 200.
I intend on saving every penny any only spending my tip money.

Mom and I talked about financing a car instead of getting Chris to find and fix one.
That means I will stay at Mazzio's until I officially have a job in Starkville.

I cleaned a little.
Talked to Drew for a while.
He's amazing. He hurt his ankle.
I yelled at him for being a lazy as and putting off finding a job.
He didn't get mad. Apparently he's job hunting while I'm at school tomorrow.

I went to return some movies and called Brit.
I went to go see her and we hung out and talked and i tried to convince her and Ty to stop being whiny-faces and admit that they love each other. Ty did. Brit admitted it to me, but not him yet.

We went to Animal House to drop James off some food. We talked a bit and looked up piercings and tried to get ideas for tattoos. It was fun.
I found these earrings i want but they're expensive.

I dropped Brit off and came home. Talked to Drew for a while.
We looked up on BMEZine.com a bunch of different earrings and such.
I'm pretty sure I'll guage to a 4 and stop.
Alexis and i are looking at the site together...
Scarification makes me sick.
I'm not even sure how to feel about "sounding".
There's all kinds of shit. There's this skin punch thing...that punches out holes of skin at once.
It hurts to think about.

I found out Lily is pregnant.
That blew me away.

And Brent apparently twisted his ankle drunkenly trying to dive into Misty's windshield.
And he also most likely was the one who stole his roomate's car and returned it when he fucked up the wheels and tires. lol.


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2008-03-25 07:22 pm UTC (link)
I'm on BMEzine.
My ears are a 0 &
they don't look bad at all.
Like as in freakishly huge.
Gauges are really expensive. Lame!
& people are really strange out there.

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2008-03-26 06:04 pm UTC (link)
I love BME, there are only a few things that I look at and get really freaked out from. Haha.
Sounding is really an act done in other countries during masturbation to improve climax. Not that I'm.. interested in it, haha. Just thought I'd share!

That would be awesome if you guys financed a car instead of buying another. You guys have had pretty awful luck buying cars lately, at least that way you'd have something stable.

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