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User:desired (14001)

Requestable/Custom Graphics journal made possible by Kissies. There aren't many rules...However the ones we have you must follow them at all times! So ADD us first, Fill out the form correctly, wait to be added, and request away!


1. Credit everything that is made for you properly →[info]kissies@[info]desired
2. Never Start drama with myself or any member of the community. If you do you will be automatically banned.
3. Follow every set of rules in each individual post. If you don't we will have problems.
4. Use your manners at all times. When requesting and When picking things up. If you don't your request will be skipped until you remember them!!

For all of my Examples & Paid Request Info Please check out the link below:


If you'd like to be Affies Comment on the Appropriate Post!

Interests:5: banners, graphics, headers, icons, requestables
Schools:None listed
People2:keepsaked, kissies
Friend of:1: kissies
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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