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User:downtownboy (26166)
Name:Yuri Lowell
21 years old
5 ft 9 in (180 cm)

"A former Imperial Knight who lives in the lower quarter, protecting its inhabitants. He hates the upper classes, such as nobles, because he has seen their oppressive way of doing things.Because of his helpful nature he is beloved by people like a big brother, despite being loudmouthed and sarcastic"
Interests:7: artes, bodhi blastia, brave vesperia, flynn, guilds, spirits, swords
Schools:None listed
Friend of:34: abarai, aceofelevens, blindbandit, blueeyesdragon, boomerangguy, burntreatment, chocoaddict, devilbat, dumbskill, falsejustice, ginoweinberg, glasses, glassofthegods, haganeno, haruhikun, heartlocket, hyorinmaru, jackpot, kamina, kingofgames, lastquincy, littleprincess, marksmanship, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, pervybishop, secondkira, shadowhero, superpajamas, tornadotempo, wadepool, waterbending, whiteknight
Account type:Early Free User

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