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User:ninjasheena (24954)
Bio:strong-willed but kindhearted ninja from Tethe'alla. Though an unlucky ninja with the tendency to fall into pitfalls, she is a capable summoner of Summon Spirits. Sheena is always accompanied by Corrine, a man-made Summon Spirit. Owing in part to her upbringing as a ninja, she acts tomboyish much of the time, but she does possess a feminine side that becomes apparent as the plot advances. She was originally sent to Sylvarant by Tethe'alla's Pope and King with orders to assassinate Colette, but events cause her to join forces with the party instead. She dislikes having to be rescued, preferring to rely on her tough facade instead to save face. Like Lloyd, she is a strong believer in altruism. She has a crush on Lloyd, despite sometimes being irritated with him, which becomes more apparent as they travel together; though, she has a great deal of trouble expressing these feelings. At the age of seven, Sheena ventured to the Temple of Lightning with the people of Mizuho in order to form a pact with Volt, the Summon Spirit of Lightning. Unfortunately, Volt speaks a language that only certain scholars can comprehend, and she was unable to understand what he was saying; which was specifically, his unwillingness to form another pact after being betrayed by Mithos. Volt went on a rampage, killing a quarter of Mizuho's population and putting the chief of Mizuho who is Sheena's adoptive grandfather, into a coma; which still causes her guilt and fear of Volt. She was the one who revealed the existence of Tethe'alla to Lloyd, and she later helps the party to escape there.

Sheena currently lives with Zelos in the Inn in Traverse Town.

This is an RP journal for [info]traverse_town

Schools:None listed
People95:31stofchina, abarai, aceofelevens, agentkennedy, allhailzero, anezakim, anzu, apaopufruit, athief, avatar, binkyboy, blindbandit, blindfacade, blueeyesdragon, boombaby, boomerangguy, brainsugar, brokencreed, burntreatment, catchthis, cheerskater, chocoaddict, chocolatier, coloring, commevotreroi, daddycharles, dancewaterdance, devilbat, downtownboy, dumbskill, elfprince, embarrassment, experfection, eyeofmichael, eyeshield21, falsejustice, firstclasshero, flamestarter, fooledyou, ginoweinberg, girlgenius, glasses, glassofthegods, grannyvampire, gunblader, haganeno, haruhikun, heartlocket, heroofhyrule, hyorinmaru, idiotchosen, interface, jackpot, kamina, keyofdestiny, kingofgames, kingofhearts, kingofwei, konata, lastquincy, letmelive, littleprincess, madeinheaven, marksmanship, mothermayi, mugiwara, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, pervybishop, positively_fab, pureprincess, roronoa, rubimalone, sanji, secondkira, shadowhero, shadowking, soldieroflight, sosbrigade, spacepirate, stripes, superpajamas, thebeastboy, thelilconqueror, thesuperior, timelord8, tornadotempo, toughassteel, wadepool, waterbending, waytodawn, whiteknight, workofheart, zaphod
Communities3:theabyss, traverse_town, ttooc
Friend of:62: 31stofchina, abarai, aceofelevens, anezakim, apaopufruit, asklepios, binkyboy, blindbandit, blueeyesdragon, boombaby, boomerangguy, burntreatment, cheerskater, chocoaddict, commevotreroi, devilbat, dumbskill, embarrassment, experfection, falsejustice, ginoweinberg, girlgenius, glasses, glassofthegods, haganeno, haruhikun, heartlocket, heroofhyrule, heyheyhayner, hyorinmaru, idiotchosen, jackpot, kamina, kingofgames, lastquincy, littleprincess, machinefreak, machtschnell, maplebear, marksmanship, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, pervybishop, positively_fab, red_death, royalone, sanji, secondkira, shadowhero, shadowking, superpajamas, thesuperior, theworldismine, tornadotempo, tweedledee, twiliprincess, wadepool, waterbending, weaponsmaster, whiteknight, zaphod
Member of:3: theabyss, traverse_town, ttooc
Account type:Early Free User

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