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User:idiotchosen (26847)
Name:Zelos Wilder
Bio:Zelos Wilder (ゼロス・ワイルダー) is the Chosen One from Tethe'alla, the flourishing world. He is often the comic relief of the group, dropping tactless comments at the most inopportune moment. He is also quite the "ladies' man," approaching most situations hoping to meet or impress any pretty girls nearby, and (under certain conditions) can charm gifts out of nearly every female NPC in the game. He takes every opportunity to hit on his female team members, much to their annoyance. In combat he functions almost identically to Kratos, using the same weapons, armor and abilities, although he is lighter and faster in battle.
Interests:4: chosens, my face, selfishness, tethe'alla
People54:abarai, aceofelevens, agentkennedy, allhailzero, anezakim, avatar, blindbandit, blindfacade, blueeyesdragon, boomerangguy, brainsugar, burntreatment, catchthis, chocoaddict, devilbat, dumbskill, embarrassment, eyeofmichael, falsejustice, fooledyou, ginoweinberg, girlgenius, glasses, glassofthegods, haganeno, haruhikun, heartlocket, heroofhyrule, hyorinmaru, interface, jackpot, kamina, keyofdestiny, kingofgames, kingofhearts, konata, lastquincy, littleprincess, marksmanship, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, pervybishop, pureprincess, secondkira, shadowhero, soldieroflight, stripes, superpajamas, tornadotempo, toughassteel, wadepool, waterbending, whiteknight
Communities4:crackttown, theabyss, traverse_town, ttooc
Account type:Early Free User

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