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User:eyeofmichael (28933)
Name:Teito Klein 『Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs』

Teito Klein is a former slave sent to attend the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use Zaiphon, a type of supernatural power. The ability is rare, and thus highly prized. Teito is an amnesiac and doesn't remember anything of his origins -- what he does learn of his past comes from his recurring and often traumatizing dreams. Teito has a slave tattoo on his back from when he was first captured and wears a slave collar around his neck. At the 7th District Church he starts studying to become a priest so he can gain a priest's advantages on his way to revenge- free room and board at any inn in the Empire, and less stringent inspections at borders. However, he becomes entangled in the affairs of the Gods along the way because of the Eye of Michael.

A stone embedded into a person's hand, the Eye of Micheal allows the God Michael to descend into his host's body for a limited time. Teito's eyes change from green to red when he is possessed by Michael, which happens in times of extreme crisis. When possessed by Michael he has godlike prowess with Zaiphon.

Teito is a short young man of about 15 who appears to be cold and serious but in fact is very compassionate, which may be his biggest downfall. He is very naive to a lot of the world due to the time he spent as a slave.

Some information from Wikipedia. Teito Klein and 07-Ghost belong to their respectful and very awesome owners, not myself.
Communities4:intersect, intersectooc, reststop, safehouse
Friend of:55: 31stofchina, abarai, aceofelevens, apaopufruit, binkyboy, blindbandit, blueeyesdragon, boombaby, boomerangguy, burntreatment, cheerskater, chocoaddict, commevotreroi, devilbat, dumbskill, experfection, falsejustice, ginoweinberg, glasses, glassofthegods, haganeno, haruhikun, heartlocket, heyheyhayner, hyorinmaru, idiotchosen, jackpot, kamina, kingofgames, lastquincy, littleprincess, machinefreak, marksmanship, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, pervybishop, positively_fab, red_death, sanji, secondkira, shadowhero, shadowking, starsandstripes, superpajamas, thesuperior, theworldismine, tornadotempo, tweedledee, twiliprincess, wadepool, waterbending, whiteknight, zaphod, zura
Member of:4: intersect, intersectooc, reststop, safehouse
Account type:Early Free User

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