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User:weaponsmaster (34311)
In honor of the Sun....
(an RP Journal)
Name:Alberich of Karse
AOL IM:AIM status Kairos Skyeyes (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status bar_ohki (Add User, Send Message)

(Alberich is played by [info]bar_ohki.)

Alberich is one of the Heralds of Valdemar. His Companion is Kantor (who is notably larger and stronger than most Companions earning him somewhat of a 'warrior' status amongst them). Unlike most Heralds, Alberich was born, raised, and trained in Karse. Due some cleverness on Kantor's part and the fact that Alberich was about to be burned to death by the Sunpriets, Alberich was Chosen and taken directly to Valdemar. There he assumed the position of Weapsonsmaster. He is highly able with any weapon, a practiced fighter, and does not take shit from anyone under any circumstance.

Not even the Queen.

Alberich also found himself assuming the position of Monarch's Spy and Monarch's Own. He has multiple disguises and a good talent for fading into the background.

On a different note, Alberich does not enjoy wearing the Heraldric Whites that are the typical uniform for Heralds. Instead he favors dark grey leathers. Notable features of his include the scars from the burns and various knife fights he's been in on his face. His 'hawklike' eyes and the fact he speaks with Karsite grammar. He also has a very, very strong sense of honor that most people don't really understand.

And he's so awesome, the Bards wrote a song about him!

I play Alberich from just after Exile's Valor. Egro, he has seen Sendar die, he has met young baby Elspeth, and he is the full Weaponsmater with no assistant. He has not met Skif or Talia yet, but he has hooked up with Myste.

(Here's a link to the Valdemar Wiki for reference.)
Interests:21: armor, bows, combat, companions, faith, heralds, honor, horses, hurlee, kantor, lord of light, myste, queen, selenay, strategy, sunlord, swords, truth, valdemar, vkandis, weapons
Schools:None listed
People80:aceofelevens, akumade, allhailzero, anezakim, anzu, apaopufruit, asklepios, assassino, bandage, blueeyesdragon, brainsugar, burntreatment, cheerskater, chocoaddict, classicalpiece, commevotreroi, daddycharles, dancewaterdance, dumbskill, embarrassment, endlessnoise, eventhorizon, experfection, eyeshield21, falsejustice, ginoweinberg, girlgenius, grannyvampire, haruhikun, heartlocket, heroofhyrule, heyheyhayner, holmesfreak, idiotchosen, jeveuxtonamour, justamonk, kingofgames, kingofhearts, konata, littleprincess, lockmyheart, lordandmaster, machinefreak, machtschnell, maplebear, marksmanship, mugiwara, news, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, ownedyoulamers, paisasoleado, pinkhearts, positively_fab, propergentleman, red_death, roronoa, royalone, sanji, secondkira, shadowhero, shadowking, solvethisone, spacesnipe, starsandstripes, stripes, system, tenth, thesnake, thesuperior, theworldismine, tornadotempo, tweedledee, tweedledum, twiliprincess, wadepool, waytodawn, whiteknight, windwaker
Communities3:crackttown, traverse_town, ttooc
Mutual Friends:10: anezakim, asklepios, embarrassment, girlgenius, heroofhyrule, machtschnell, maplebear, royalone, shadowhero, starsandstripes
Also Friend of:2: bar_ohki, glassofthegods
Member of:3: crackttown, traverse_town, ttooc
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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