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User:machtschnell (32998)
Lieber Gott ...
(an RP Journal)
AOL IM:AIM status Kairos Skyeyes (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status bar_ohki (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:(Ludwig is played by [info]bar_ohki.)

Ludwig (aka Germany) is a proud nation-tan with a bloody history surrounding both world wars. His two best friends and allies are Feliciano (North Italy) and Kiku (Japan). His older brother and mentor, Gilbert (Prussia), lost his country status at the end of WWII and now lives in Ludwig's house. Despite Gilbert's behavior, Ludwig continues to love and cherish his brother, not giving up on him ever.

Ludwig, like all classic Germans, is a proud man with a great sense of honor and pride. He is also extremely loyal and takes everything perhaps a bit too seriously. He enjoys having things clean, efficient, and organized and is often distressed if they are not. He owns three dogs, whom he all loves to pieces.

Ludwig's favorite foods include wurst, potatoes, and beer. Actually when drunk, Ludwig seems to let go and actually enjoy himself. For some reason he is not particularly mortified by his actions when he recalls them the next morning.

Interests:15: beer, clean, efficient, engineering, germany, italy, japan, organized, potatoes, prussia, sausages, swine, wurst, wwi, wwii
Schools:None listed
People84:aceofelevens, akumade, allhailzero, anezakim, anzu, apaopufruit, asklepios, assassino, bandage, blueeyesdragon, brainsugar, burntreatment, cheerskater, chocoaddict, chuugokuaruyo, classicalpiece, commevotreroi, daddycharles, dancewaterdance, dumbskill, embarrassment, endlessnoise, eventhorizon, experfection, eyeshield21, falsejustice, ginoweinberg, girlgenius, grannyvampire, haaveyoumetmatt, haruhikun, heartlocket, heroofhyrule, heyheyhayner, holmesfreak, idiotchosen, jeveuxtonamour, justamonk, kingofgames, kingofhearts, konata, littleprincess, lockmyheart, lordandmaster, machinefreak, machtschnell, maplebear, marksmanship, mugiwara, news, ninjasheena, ofallevil, onigirigirl, ownedyoulamers, paisasoleado, pastaitaliano, pinkhearts, positively_fab, propergentleman, red_death, roronoa, royalone, sanji, secondkira, shadowhero, shadowking, solvethisone, spacesnipe, starsandstripes, stripes, system, tenth, thesnake, thesuperior, theworldismine, tornadotempo, tweedledee, tweedledum, twiliprincess, wadepool, waytodawn, weaponsmaster, whiteknight, windwaker
Communities4:crackttown, sekaikaigi, traverse_town, ttooc
Friend of:23: aceofelevens, anezakim, asklepios, bar_ohki, cheerskater, classicalpiece, embarrassment, experfection, girlgenius, glassofthegods, haruhikun, heroofhyrule, heyheyhayner, machinefreak, machtschnell, maplebear, red_death, royalone, shadowhero, starsandstripes, theworldismine, twiliprincess, weaponsmaster
Member of:4: crackttown, sekaikaigi, traverse_town, ttooc
Account type:Early Free User

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