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User:faghag_graphics (12970)
Website:Fag Hag Graphics@LJ.com
Bio:For those who are wondering or don't know...

Fag Hag: Fag hag is a slang term, either abusive or affectionate, for a woman who enjoys the company of gay men. Gay men and fag hags often share a very close friendship, generally closer than they have with other women or men. It is this close friendship that is the hallmark of the fag hag relationship.

Welcome to Fag Hag Graphics, now you're probably wondering... what's up with the journal username... Well nothing is wrong with it, it's because I myself am a fag hag... now does that mean that this graphics journal is only limited to such topics? Of course not! I made this graphics journal for my boredom and whenever I get bored I usually open up photoshop and make random things. So whenever I make random things I can just post them here. If you don't like it, that's alright but don't go bashing my graphics...

°. Play nice
°. If you would like to request something just comment on one of the entries and I will get to making it a.s.a.p.
°. I'll think of more another time...

This journal is called Fag Hag Graphics for a reason, it might not revolve around one thing in particular but I guarantee that it will have lots of smutty slashyness. I myself have been a fah gah fag hag for a long time now. Maybe six, seven years? Yeah to me that's a long time. So a good amount of posts I'm sure will contain very homosexual friendly material, you don't like it tough. Don't join or ask to join then. ;D Rather this is a very gay happy community. ;D Well, if you've read all that you might as well add it right? Or not... whatever you the reader, user would prefer.

Affiliates :)
None as of yet~

anyone else that would like to become an affialiate, please email me at cheeesecat@yahoo.com. :D

Thanks to the following places for their lovely brushes and textures. :)
||-- --||

Check faghag_graphics on Greatestjournal, Insanejournl, & Livejournal as well!♥
Interests:12: 100x100, anime, coloring, graphic designing, html, icons, layouts, manga, mood themes, photoshop, tutorials, web designing
People5:cheesecat, faghag_graphics, skypirate, spellsinger, superherogirl
Friend of:5: cheesecat, faghag_graphics, skypirate, spellsinger, superherogirl
Member of:1: 100x100
Account type:Early Adopter

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