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The unthinking majority. ([info]feuerfrei) wrote,
@ 2012-12-21 21:12:00

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Current music:Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
Entry tags:o hai everyone, operation mindcrime, touhou


[info]feuerfrei @ SCRIBBLD -- HEY, IT'S NOT FRIENDS ONLY!

Despite that, I'd love it if you could tell me when you've added me.

User can also be found at danceonavolcano @ ij or snakesandarrows @ lj.

Writings can be found at [info]indestructible.

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2009-02-26 11:55 am UTC (link)
Remember that ass in the AIM chat that was all "I WOULD STAB THAT FUCKER IF HE WAS MY KID?" and things like that.
... would you want to add said crazy ass? 8)

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2009-02-26 01:00 pm UTC (link)
Of course~!

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2009-02-26 01:06 pm UTC (link)
Hopefully my journal isn't too annoying. :)

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2009-02-26 09:03 pm UTC (link)
okay you seem cool enough for me to add

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2009-02-26 09:08 pm UTC (link)
And I'll add you, too. Dream Theater fan, too? I THINK WE JUST STRUCK GOLD.

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2011-03-29 05:21 pm UTC (link)
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2012-04-09 11:23 pm UTC (link)
N41y5v hompndtmmvzc (http://hompndtmmvzc.com/), [url=http://rvjgqawprkff.com/]rvjgqawprkff[/url], [link=http://cgmhwepnaqul.com/]cgmhwepnaqul[/link], http://ridoueqpaupp.com/

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