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Forest of Trees ([info]forestoftrees) wrote,
@ 2008-04-03 19:04:00

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Current location:Home
Current mood: cheerful
Current music:CSI
Entry tags:carol, hair

Da Hairzzz!



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2008-04-04 12:37 am UTC (link)

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2008-04-04 02:25 am UTC (link)
Thanks ^^

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2008-04-04 04:56 pm UTC (link)
Nice hair.

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2008-04-04 07:00 pm UTC (link)
Thanks. I love it and we got it cheap so that a plus.

^^ ♥


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2008-04-04 10:22 pm UTC (link)
I wish we could get our hair dyed at some point, but eh we probably won't ever.

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2008-04-04 06:21 pm UTC (link)
pretty and shiny! :) is that blue in there or is the flash making it look that way? because the blue looks sweet. ♥ I liked the red too.

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2008-04-04 06:58 pm UTC (link)
Yes, tis having the blue. ^^



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