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User:fridaymornings (16160)
What happens when your life devouted to serenity falls to chaos?
you pick yourself back up again and keep trying to make it through.
Name:мεℓіѕѕα `In you, theres something pure. εĭз
Location:novi, Michigan, United States

&& everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small
♥ NAME → Melissa, Mel, Mellabit, Mellorina, Meli-lu & so many more depending on who it is.
♥ AGE → 20
♥ MORE → Native American and Caucasian mix. Currently living in Plymouth, Michigan, but was born and raised in Novi, Michigan her whole life. Loves to travel and desires to go to Germany again one day. Rather naïve, clumsy, and simple-minded, but kindhearted and hardworking. Called a bleeding heart and dreamer by some of her best friends. Optimistic when it comes to most things but doesn't show it much out of fear. Aspires to be a nurse one day and work with children. Native American Shamanism mixed with Druid and Avalon tendencies being the core beliefs and values. Loves to draw and write but keeps most of these things to herself afraid of rejection or being made fun of.
profile codes + Graphics + scribbld

"In you, theres something pure, though its hard for you to show through and let it out. You conflict a lot with what you should be doing."
Schools:None listed
People2:kerrisue, resiliency
Account type:Early Free User

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