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User:fuckineyeshield (18920)
Website:mah devart (sucks)
Bio:Hi I'm bored.
Interests:95: agon-cha~~~n, aizen/world, aminals, animals, anime, anime music, art, atla, axel, bartimaeus trilogy, being lame, being weird, bleach, books, bruce ironstaunch, cats, character design, conan o'brien, crazy people, death note, deftones, demyx, dirge of cerberus, disney, doodling, doujinshi, dragons, drawing, eyeshield 21, family guy, fantasy, ferrets, final fantasy, flameo, football, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, guitar hero, gurren lagann, halloween, harry potter, hidan, hiruma, hiruma again, hiruma/mamori, internet, japan, juumonji, kamina, kanji, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kittan, kurosaki isshin, ladainian tomlinson, lemon demon, lord genome, lucius malfoy, magic, manga, monty python, mugen, music, my kitty, naruto, nerdism, panthers, photography, placebo, polysics, ps2, random shit, reading, red hot chili peppers, reeve tuesti, roxas, samurai champloo, san diego chargers, scrubs, snakes, stuff, suigetsu, system of a down, tattoos, the bartimaeus trilogy, tobi, video games, vincent valentine, watercolors, we are scientists, writing, xigbar, zangetsu, zaraki kenpachi, zetsu
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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