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User:giddylaughter (15044)
Location:Texas, United States
Bio:My name is Krystle although most people call me by my street name "KFO" (K-Foe). I am a rough, blunt bitchy person if I don't get along with you. I hate petty grade school drama. I am in college for Public Relations and Political Science. I toy with graphic design for fun. I love to watch sappy love movies or pee-my-pants funny movies. I have a wonderful boyfriend of three years. I have a cat named Salem and a dog named Snickers. I will graduate in August of 2008 I hope. I bust my ass for my grades. I hate dirty dishes in the sink. I dislike U2, Metalica, and 50 Cent. I really don't like people who think they have a harder life then anyone else, or people who compete for the best or worst of everything. I rant because I am an internet blogging fanatic. I am crazy about taking photos. I hate a dirty house. I love my friends and family. I enjoy Britney, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake music. Don't hate. And I adore Mary-Kate Olsen.
Interests:91: 70s music, aim, amanda, art, ashlee simpson, baking, big brother 8, bitching, blogging, body spray, britney spears, brittany snow, cats, chatting, cheesecake, chick noodle soup, chipped nailpolish, cleaning the house, clothes, collaging, college, college basketball, comedy, couples, cupcakes, dani, dogs, dying my hair, eyeliner, facebook, friends, furniture, gossip girls, grey's anatomy, heels, hilary duff, holly, humor, i love lucy, jewelery, journalism, justin timberlake, kissing, lee, leebee, leson, love, magazines, make-up, maroon 5, michael buble, money, movies, music, my planner, myspace, nailpolish, napping, nickleback, non-profit, oldies, pets, photography, photos, pink, playing, politics, pop, posh spice, purses, rabbits, reel big fish, romance, roses, salem, sammie, scarlett, school, scrapbooking, sexytime, shoes, snickers, spice girls, spongebob, texting, that 70's show, trashy magazines, victoria beckham, victoria secret, volunteering, writing
Schools:None listed
Account type:Early Free User

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