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User:iceblended (14375)
Name:Randi Leanne
Interests:132: 8 simple rules, a walk to remember, abercrombie, acting, adam sandler, american eagle, angels, apple computer, blue eyes, books, boy meets world, brittany murphy, broadway, bubble baths, calendars, cheesecake, christmas music, computers, concerts, cookies, cruel intentions, dakota fanning, dancing, david spade, daydreaming, dean martin, debra messing, degrassi, digital cameras, disney movies, disneyland, drew barrymore, dvds, elf, eric mccormack, everwood, faith, faith hill, flowers, fools rush in, friends, fun, god, hearts, hollister co., hollywood, honesty, hoodies, hot tubs, hugs, i love lucy, james garner, jeans, jennifer aniston, jennifer coolidge, jerry lewis, john lennon, john ritter, johnny depp, journals, julia roberts, julianne moore, kaley cuoco, karen walker, kate hudson, kate winslet, katey sagal, laguna beach, laughing, lee norris, legally blonde the musical, lifetime movies, lipgloss, love, lucille ball, martin & lewis, megan mullally, morals, movies, music, natalie portman, nbc, new york, nicole kidman, one tree hill, palm trees, parties, performing, phones, pictures, pink, positive thinking, promises, purses, queen, rachel mcadams, reading, religion, respect, romance, romantic comedies, ross & rachel, ryan gosling, school breaks, scrapbooking, sean hayes, self esteem, seth cohen, shopping, singing, sleep, sleeping beauty, smiles, sophia bush, starbucks, stars, sugar, summer, sunsets, swimming, talking to friends, television, the lion king, the nanny diaries, the oc, three's company, tv land, vw bugs, will & grace, will ferrell, writing, young frankenstein
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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