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Integra Hellsing ([info]integra) wrote on April 28th, 2008 at 11:51 am
Conversing with the immortal.
[info]integra: mm, my eyes are getting sreeepy
[info]alucard: Psh, SLEEP IS FOR HUMANS.
[info]alucard: ...
[info]alucard: Oh, right.
[info]integra: ...
[info]alucard: Sorry.
[info]alucard: :/
[info]integra: well, you know...
[info]integra: we CAN remedy that...
[info]alucard: Nope, we cant.
[info]integra: psht
[info]integra: only because you won't get rid of that perverted coffin of yours
[info]alucard: I can only please one human per day, today is not your day. Tomorrow isnt looking good either.
[info]integra: how many other humans have you been pleasing?!
[info]alucard: Oh, lets see here... NONE.
[info]integra: oh the future isn't looking good for you, my friend
[info]alucard: I'm not sure if you realize this.. But I'm a snail right now. A snail. Not a dog, or a bat, or mist, or even rats but a snail. And thats just awful.
[info]integra: well you should have thought of that before you said you were pleasing other humans.
[info]integra: and i wouldn't have had to say snailucard snailucard snailucard
[info]integra: so you see how this is your own doing
[info]alucard: . . . I hate you.
[info]alucard: So much.
[info]integra: you want me.

Sir Integra Hellsing
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