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User:iwasntprepared (22062)

Interests:149: anorexia, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, black roses, blades, blink 182, bobbypins, body piercing, bondage, books, boots, boys, butterflies, cameras, computers, converses, corsets, cosmetics, crazy hair, creativity, crying, cuddling, curse words, cute girls, digital cameras, disney movies, domokuns, donnie darko, drawing, dredsen dolls, edward scissorhands, eisley, evanesence, eyeliner, fairies, fall out boy, family guy, fashion, fashion design, fasting, fishnets, flcl, friends, fun, futurama, garbage, gays, girls, gore, gothic lolita style, gwen stefani, handcuffs, harajuku style, harry potter, hipbones, horror movies, hot topic, icons, jackass, japan, japanese street fashion, jeans, jewelry, kinky, kisses, kissing, laptops, laughing, layouts, lesbians, lily allen, lip piercings, lollipops, long nails, love, lust, macs, madonna, magic, make-up, making out, manga, marilyn manson, modeling, money, morbid, mosh pits, movies, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, nintendo, nirvana, no doubt, nose rings, originality, paint, perfume, photography, pictures, piercings, pink, pixie stix, poetry, polka dots, pressure, pretty, psychology, punks, purple, quotes, rain, raspberry, razor blades, reading, romance, salad fingers, scars, screaming, self-expression, senses fail, sex, skinny, sleeping, slipknot, smiles, snuggling, southpark, spiders, spikes, spongebob, stars, stickers, stockings, striped tights, sushi, t.a.t.u., tattoos, technology, texas, the killers, tim burton, tokyo, vampires, victorian era, vocals, warm places, writing
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: realhorrorshow
Member of:1: necroholic
Account type:Early Free User

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