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User:jaxita (10486)
Location:San Jose, California, United States
AOL IM:AIM status OJaxitaO (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:122: abandoned buildings, adoptee, adoption, all things celtic, all things irish, berke breathed, bill the cat, bloom county, blue collar, bobby sands, body modification, body piercing, books, bookworm, brighid, calligraphy, candle making, candles, cats, celtic, celtic knotwork, celtic music, celtic mythology, celtic myths, celts, cemeteries, cemetery preservation, church of the machine, coffee, counted cross stitch, democrat, education, england, english, firearms, fonts, fountain pens, gardening, gary larson, ghirardelli, gir, hatteras island, haunted buildings, haunted cemeteries, headbanger, heavy metal, historical cemeteries, historical preservation, home improvement, houseplants, hugs, intelligence, internet relay chat, invader zim, ira, irc, ireland, irish, irish american, irish history, irish music, irish mythology, irish myths, kinnakeet, kissing, learning, lightning, literature, long haired men, love, music, music industry, new york, northern california, northern ireland, oakland a's, oakland raiders, obx, odie, opus the penguin, outer banks, photography, piercing, power metal, power of omens, progpower, progressive metal, rain, reading, redhead, san jose sharks, sarcasm, sci-fi fantasy, scotland, scottish, shooting, silicon valley, silver, single mom, single parent, sinn fein, snark, snow, souvenir spoons, staten island, storms, sunnyvale, sym x, symphony x, taphology, tattoos, teof, the far side, the morrigan, the troubles, thunder, tigers, travel, ultimate metal, urban decay, urban exploration, wit
Schools:None listed
Account type:Early Adopter

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