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User:kikibug13 (23648)
Location:Ruse, Bulgaria
Bio:"Live and let to live, fairly take and fairly give" -- "Rede Of The Wiccae"

This is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls. - John Keating, Dead Poets Society

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Labyrinth is love.

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These two headers were made by dave7 at my 'challenge' - and wow!

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OK. After all that stuff - that I really want to keep here, though it accumulates... anyway.

My name is Kalina, I live in Bulgaria, am 27 years old, and work as a Software Tester. I read a LOT, am meekly trying to write a little, and draw a little. I listen to a lot of music (as in, 24/7 if possible, yes, music is playing when I'm sleeping too).
I post a lot, though a bit of that is quizzes, lyrics, quotes, and weird stuff. I do occasionally post fics (though RP'ing and fic writing my muses - see below - take care of most of my writing inspiration); pictures; films/books impressions/quotes/reviews, or even personal updates (the more... emotional of those I keep friends-locked). I consider myself chocaholic, though my addiction to LJ recently is almost rivalling.
To see what time it is for me, right now? Click here.
Any questions? Comment and be answered. *grins*
Oh, I occasionally try to ruin your eyes and make icons and other graphics. Sometimes, they work out... A list of recognitions can be found here.

A list of my active muses can be found here, for the curious. ;)

And, for all who are (to mirth) so inclined, here is my Meez:

BE WARNED! Adult and mature content (fictional, mostly in the area of the erotic and further) will be found on this journal and some of the journals associated with it.

The banner? Is edited totally without permission from the fabulous desktop posted here. PROPS for the original work!!!
Memories43 entries
Interests:144: acting, alice cullen, all mythology, amber, anthony edward stark, anthony stark, arthurian literature, atreyu, bastian, batman, beatles, bella swan, bi, bisexuality, blue beetle, bob the skull, books, bruce wayne, buddhism, bujold, captain jack harkness, carlisle cullen, casanova, cats, cedric diggory, christian bale, christine daae, christopher eccleston, christopher nolan, christopher walken, computers (software qa), corwin, corwin of amber, cullens, david eddings, david tennant, david thewlis, doctor who, dogs, dresden files, ebenezar mccoy, edward cullen, esme cullen, faeries, falkor, fanfiction, fantasy, femme slash, femmeslash, fiction, films, frakir, free speech, gay men, gay subtext, gen, girl genius, happy hogan, harold hogan, harry dresden, heinlein, henriette, het, heterosexuality, homosexuality, icon-making, iron man, jacob black, jasper hale, jazz, jim butcher, john barrowman, john lennon, jon favreau, jonathan livingston seagull, karrin murphy, keanu reeves, lestat, libraries, lois mcmaster bujold, lupin/tonks, lusting over imaginary men, marauders, mario frangoulis, merlin, merlin of chaos, moony, music, mythology, natalia tena, neverending story, new who, obadiah stane, oscar wilde, padfoot, pepper, pepper potts, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, polyamory, prongs, reading, remus lupin, remus/tonks, rhodey, richard bach, robert downey jr., robert heinlein, roger zelazny, role-playing, roleplaying, rosalie hale, rose weasley, savage garden, sci-fi, shrek, sirius black, slash, stark industries, tanstaafl, terinu, terry goodkind, terry pratchett, the beatles, the neverending story, the princess bride, theater, theatre, thomas raith, tolkien, tonks, tony stark, torchwood, twilight, unicorns, vampires, virginia 'pepper' potts, war machine, werecreatures, willem dafoe, writing, writing fanfiction, zen
Schools:None listed
Account type:Early Free User

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