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kikonista ([info]kikonista) wrote,
@ 2009-06-21 04:40:00

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Current mood: amused

I love when the shit writes itself.
And thus, my first post.

Here's the joke and here's the punchline.

Ah, the modern age of not taking responsibility for your own immaturity. Innit grand? Don't hate me. I don't write this shit, I just laugh at it.

Edited because some people never give up
From: Saphie
Date: Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 1:40 AM
Subject: Because it needs to be said.
To: G

Since you or one of your cronies most likely got me banned from BRPS, fuck you, G.

You know you're a wanky marty complex, manipulative son of a bitch that bullies the shit out of people and only has supporters because you constantly act like you're harmed and maligned when you're oh so innocent--never mind that it usually takes months or years of wank to get people to the point where they do speak out against you.

You're a bully. Maybe it's to protect yourself or whatever. You're just really goddamn good at hiding it.

Just be really fucking grateful I still don't intend to post anything anyone eviscerating you and making it abundantly clear exactly how quietly nasty you are.

Especially since I saved all our old logs, including ones where you were catty about people taking characters you'd left behind, and trying to get a player tossed from the game without them even breaking a rule.

From: Saphie
Date: Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 1:59 AM
Subject: Re: Because it needs to be said.
To: G

PS I'm only directing this at you instead of Miche since it was your name mention that got me banned.

But yeah, she kinda sucks too.

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2009-06-21 09:48 am UTC (link)
Allow me to join your laughter.


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