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User:kikonista (30192)
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:A very disturbed mind.
Interests:74: action movies, anthropology, army men rts, artists, autism, bars, books, cars, cartoon network, cats, cheese, coheed and cambria, comedy, comic books, communal living, computers, counting crows, d&d, dc, emma frost, ethical slut, etymology, foreign films, free, glamorbombing, good debates, history, hockey, independent films, industrial archeology, invader zim, jla, kate bush, marvel, movies, museums, music, music boxes, neverwinter nights, pc games, philly, poetry, politics, polyamory, rabbits, redheads, roller coasters, rpgs, sandman mystery theatre, scaring the mundanes, scary movies, sex, sims, skeeball, sleeping, snuggling, soccer, social sciences, star trek, strangers in paradise, super dollfies, tennis, the titans, theology, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton, tori amos, trading cards, travelling, vertigo, women, writers, writing
Schools:Community College of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA (2008 - present)
Friend of:1: crispengray
Account type:Early Free User

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