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sunday, january 25th, 1998. [Sat 3 May @ 9:09pm]
I LOST MY JOURNAL! No, really! The last time I saw it was when I packed it to go back home and then when I was looking for it there, it was gone! Mum said it would turn up eventually, but it never did and after a while we kind of forgot about it because we were having so much fun! Then I came back here and I looked all over my dorm but it wasn't anywhere, so I just asked mum to buy me a new one, but the manager at Flourish & Blotts told her there was a way to get it back? I don't know how, but she did and I'm so glad because it wouldn't have been the same with a new one! You know what I mean? It would feel really weird, like using a second piece of parchment after you've filled up the first one? Exactly like that!

Anyway, anyway! This question comes terribly late, but how was everyone's holidays? Mine were GREAT but I've already talked to some of you about them so I'll spare the rest the details and just say that I had such a great time; my aunt Esme ended up joining us after all, which was great, because she's so awesome, and skiing is really, really fun and I can't wait to do it all again. Like, sliding through the snow while singing Christmas carols at the top of your lungs and having people give you funny looks is... well, FUN! There's just no other word to describe it!

I'm going to show you pictures now! Charlie took most of them, but I managed to take a couple myself... whenever I could steal the camera from him, because he would never let the thing go!

This is where we stayed! A little skii centre in Glencoe, Scotland. )

Well, that's it, I guess! I should go now, I need to start organising the next Muggle Lovers' club meeting, but I need to talk to prof. Flitwick about it first so I can't tell you what I have in mind yet, but I will soon, I promise!
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tuesday; december 16th, 1997. [Tue 25 Mar @ 2:40pm]

Finally! I'm so excited. I love Christmas and decorating, even though we won't get to enjoy the decorations this year because we won't even be home, but I hope we stay in one of those cabins on top of a mountain like in the movies and we get to decorate it and even put up a fake Christmas tree like grandma does and that grandpa pretends he's allergic to, so he doesn't have to help us decorate. Matthew tried to pretend once, too, but he's not a very good liar, and how do you fake sneezing, anyway? So he's always been stuck with roof decorations, which isn't even a big deal, because he's old enough to use magic without getting in trouble, but he still complains and whines and is a general pain in the arse, but when isn't he?

Anyway, what are your plans for Christmas, Hogwarts? And why are people staying? Don't you see this castle enough as it is?


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saturday, november 22nd, 1997 [Sat 1 Mar @ 4:57pm]

Merlin, Stewart! I don't know whether to smack you on the head or give you a hug, but considering you're in no shape to deal with more injuries, a hug will do. FOR NOW! How are you feeling, do you need anything? How about you, Garrick? Susan? If the look on your face while walking off the pitch was anything to go by, you must be in horrible pain! You're INSANE, the lot of you!

We won, though! Which is kind of awesome, I guess... and we're closer to Gryffindor, now! So that makes up for the scare I got earlier.

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friday, november 21st, 1997 [Fri 29 Feb @ 10:34pm]
This is the obligatory 'good luck' entry, I guess!

Good luck, Hufflepuff! Good luck, Ravenclaw! MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!

Now I go to bed so I can wake up early and not miss the game. Goodnight, Hogwarts!
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monday, november 17th, 1997 [Mon 25 Feb @ 3:02am]

It feels like I'm always asking for help and I'm SO sorry for doing this again, but I was wondering if someone could help me with my charms work? Not my homework, just... I'm having a lot of trouble getting my conjuring spells right and if I make Professor Flitwick sigh once more, he'll run completely out of breath! Bless his soul, he's so tiny! I know a lot of people are offering to tutor, but I don't know how busy you might be and I don't want to make your workload worse! So, just let me know? Thank you!

By the way, is anyone else glad we don't have to take care of anything for Care of Magical Creatures? I really, really love animals, but that hippogriff had something against me! And being nice to it wasn't working. Oh, well.
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sunday, november 9th, 1997 [Sun 17 Feb @ 11:22pm]
I'd like to say I hate snow right now, but oh my god, how fun is it to play in it!? Except for the part where you get all soaked and wake up the day afterwards with a cold, that is, but that's totally worth the fun I had yesterday!! Hahahah, Charlie's such a horrible snowball fighter! He just stood there! And he has horrible hand-eye coordination, too. WORSE than me, yes. Like... I'd be exaggerating if I said he hit me more than three times! Sorry, Charlie, but you know it's the trut-- UGH! I just spilled a bit of ink! This is the part of the cold I don't like. Sneezing! I could do without the sneezing for the rest of my life, thank you!

But anyway, anyway, Hogsmeade was really fun! Even if Charlie's friends are a bit-- And I had a chat with Madam Rosmerta when we stopped by the Three Broomsticks. I had never realised how nice she was! So we were talking and she asked how my mum was doing and then I told her I couldn't wait until Christmas holidays, because I really want to go back home for a while and then I realised - Christmas holidays are so close!!! Just a month and a few days away! That's nothing. My parents have been planning things for the holidays for AGES and it's going to be amazing, because we're going skiing! I've never gone skiing, I've only seen people do it on the telly, when I'm bored and it looks like so much fun. Except when they fall. Or hit tree trunks. But that's not going to happen to me, I hope.

Have any of you gone skiing, ever? Is it really as cool as it looks? And how painful is it to hit a tree trunk, anyway? I guess it's really painful if you go at a high speed, but how fast can I go when I've never done this before, right? Right?

I think I'm going to go lie down now and think of chicken soup.
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monday, november 3rd, 1997; after midnight [Mon 11 Feb @ 12:38am]

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friday, october 31th, 1997; during study hall [Fri 8 Feb @ 7:06pm]
Ahh, I'm so excited about the Ball!

What time are you all showing up?
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friday, october 24th, 1997 [Fri 1 Feb @ 4:54am]


So I sent that letter to my mum asking for costume suggestions and it seems that she stopped reading after the third sentence because I didn't get any suggestions, but I did get brand new dress robes! They look so great, but I don't think I will wearing them because I really, really want to dress up and I came up with an awesome costume idea! Well, I didn't, someone else did, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome! I'm so excited about the Ball, I can't wait until the 31st!!

By the way, I have to write this essay for Muggle Studies and I need someone to help me? It's about muggle sports and I have to choose one and explain everything about it but I don't know anything about sports! Well, except for football, because my dad really loves watching football matches during the weekend and sometimes Matthew joins in, but yeah, okay they gave us some suggestions and I was thinking of maybe talking about paintball? Because shooting people with paint balls sounds kind of wicked! But I really, really need someone to help me and I can't ask Justin, because he's m and I don't know who to ask without being a bother! So if anyone could help me, I'd love you forever and give you a chocolate frog or ten! ♥

Not today, though. I want to enjoy my third free day of the week!
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wednesday, october 15th, 1997 [Wed 23 Jan @ 1:09am]


Does anyone know any jokes? I'm running out of good ones!
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monday, october 13th, 1997 [Sun 20 Jan @ 11:28pm]
You're my favourite professor in the whole wide world! ♥

Much, much love with a cherry on top,
Melanie Roberts.

I'm owling mum right this instant so she can start working on my costume! What do you reckon I should dress up as? A pumpkin? Too predictable, isn't it? OH. Maybe I can dress up as a zombie! Not much need of costume there!

Ugh, this is too complicated! Give me ideas before I owl mum, please? Please?

Stewie Wart, are you wearing a costume, too? Or are you going to be boring and go in your dress robes? You ARE going, right?

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october 10th, 1997 [Fri 18 Jan @ 1:19am]
SWEET MERLIN'S STRIPED SOCKS! EUGH. I feel like I need a shower. Make that three... or seven.

Actually, I think I'll just sit under the water spray until this feeling goes away. I hope no one needs to shower any time soon!
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september 27th, 1997 [Sun 13 Jan @ 12:01am]

I don't think I'll be taking morning walks anymore. Stewart, is that cup of hot chocolate still on offer?
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september 26th, 1997; written during study hall [Sat 5 Jan @ 5:01pm]
So what do you during Study Hall if you don't have any homework to do? I'm kind of bored right now and there's nothing to do. I was singing like ten minutes ago but Professor Snape didn't seem to appreciate it... he said that I was disrupting everyone. I'm sorry if it bothered you! I'm just... really bored! And then I remembered my journal! I haven't opened this thing in a few days because, honestly, I had forgotten I had it. I've been forgetting a lot of things, lately, like the fact that I bought new pairs of socks last week and yet I didn't put any on today because I thought I didn't have any... sometimes I really hate having the attention span of a pygmy puff.

I like these journals. I can keep record of what happens to me and hey! I can maybe keep a list of things I need to do, so if I forget something, I can always come back and read the list and remember! Except, well, if I forget about the list I'm kind of doomed, aren't I? This is too complicated!

Anyway, anyway... I was just reading through my journal and I remembered about this dream I had last night. I don't know why most of my dreams are related to movies, but they are and it's wicked, specially when I'm part of the movie, you know? Like, okay, last night I dreamt of Jack Skellington! And don't laugh at me, but I think I was Sally... except I wasn't sewn all over and nor were my arms falling off or anything like that, so I'm not quite sure. But yeah, we were walking around what I presume was Christmas Town because it was snowing, you know? And Zero was there, too and then I don't remember anymore...

I'M SO BORED. Hey Justin, I can see the back of your head. Why are you sitting so far away? What are you working on? Can I help?

I have nothing else to say. That's... horrible! I'm going to doodle now. Maybe time will go by faster then!

This is Jack Skellington, in case you didn't know )
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tuesday, september 23rd, 1997 [Tue 1 Jan @ 7:59pm]
Charles Vaisey, as much as I hate doing this, I think a meeting is due. But I'll pick the time and place this time. First, though, please tell me the kneazle's still alive?

This rain is making me feel so nostalgic! Like, I want to dance in the rain like I did when I was a kid, but my brothers aren't here and dad isn't here to spell us dry and mum isn't here to make us hot chocolate and... well, I'm missing my family a lot right now! I think I'll owl them after I'm done with this essay. I'd probably be done if I didn't get distracted by the bracelets this one girl is wearing. I don't know who you are, but if you read this, can you tell me where you bought them? They look great!
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monday, september 22, 1997 [Fri 28 Dec @ 12:11am]
I got some chocolates today, while at breakfast. Anonymously sent chocolates. I was trying to eat my eggs and bacon when this owl landed on my plate and it had this little box tied to its leg and... well, now I have chocolates. They look delicious, too, but I don't want to eat them. What if they're poisoned or something and I end up dying or... or the same thing that happened to Justin and Booth and Susan happens to me!? I'd rather not take the risk, thank you.

Dear anonymous person,

I'm really sorry for doubting your intentions, but past experiences have taught me not to trust anything if I don't know where it comes from. So, could you please tell me who you are? Thank you.

Melanie Roberts.
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