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Karin ([info]might_badtouch) wrote,
@ 2009-09-07 00:14:00

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Entry tags:commenter: naruto, commenter: neji, commenter: sasuke, commenter: shikamaru, commenter: suigetsu, ic

ic; 01
Found some new shops on the way back home from work. And I took a new path because I was curious about what was there and not 'cause I got lost, OK?

I'll have to find my way back. Sometime. When I have any clue where the fuck I'm going.

And I'm in need of new hairspray. The humidity is making my hair frizz something awful and I haven't unpacked my good spray yet.

You know, if I packed it at all. Ugh.

Screw it. There's way too many boxes in this room and too little caffeine in my system for me to want to start looking for it right now.

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2009-09-07 08:00 am UTC (link)
Haven't done any of that, but I'm about to start punching mirrors if this keeps on for much longer.

I'll have to find that out for myself. Do you go to the university, Naruto?

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2009-09-07 08:39 am UTC (link)
Aiming for the face works better. I'm just guessing.

Part... time? Part-time! I'm here and there. There's this karaoke bar I work at called Meromero. That's where I am when I'm not at the school making everything awesome.

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2009-09-07 03:19 pm UTC (link)
I'm more of a gut-puncher. If you hit in the face, people have a tendency to hit back in the face, and I can't afford to kill time explaining that to my customers. Or my boss.

That's the fourth karaoke bar I've heard of in the past week. You guys obsessed with karaoke here or something?

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2009-09-07 05:17 pm UTC (link)
What kind of guy goes after a girl?! Not that some chicks can't take it. You're big and buff for all I know. That still ain't right, though!

Not much singing. A lot of drinking. Don't get me wrong I like to get up there, but we got to be the one karaoke bar in the counter that has no karaoke. Unless you wanna take care of that for me?

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2009-09-08 03:20 am UTC (link)
Never thought about it like that. They never get far in hitting me back, anyway.

Maybe I'll drop in one night, but I'll tell you right now: don't expect my singing to get you more customers. I'll probably scare them away by being too American or something.

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2009-09-08 04:22 am UTC (link)
Can you be too American? That would be a lot like being too Japanese. And all y'get from that are bad songs and weird dance numbers. It can't be all that bad.

I work during the week, 4-Closing. Singing might not be your thing, but you could always show up just to be there and pretty. I'll see ya, Karin.

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2009-09-08 04:53 am UTC (link)
Fuck if I know. I guess we'll see.

See you. Probably Thursday, if my boss doesn't set me up for a shift out of the blue.

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