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User:necocyaotl (23846)
Name:Tomás Catano Lorca

-Tomás Catano Lorca-

Tezcatlipoca...the very fountain of man's waywardness: He is
arbitrary, he is capricious, he mocks. He wills in the manner he
desires. He places us in the palm of his hand; he is making us round.
We roll; we become as pellets. He is casting us from side to side.
We make him laugh; he is making a mockery of us.

banner by cthonicons
Interests:17: basketball, blood, chocolate, civil war, conflict mismanagement, genocide, handball, i see your jalapeno, jane's defence weekly, lucha libre, military-industrial complex, mirrors, night, profiteering, red wine, tobacco, war
Schools:None listed
People42:agretos, alyttelgeste, appointedtime, aurora_leigh, buddingmorrow, crowinthealder, dispater, dryad, erinys, fieryarrow, goldenbells, guanshiyin, hesperos, heyjupiter, hezarafsana, illmet, inlonesplendour, interduca, kore, liesmith, liquidasets, littlegreycells, malakh, mercurymods, mimic, necocyaotl, newcomen, ohsnap, okouwa, oolissays, posthumous, saltsea, settheory, shiva, sofamiliar, solinvictus, songsofearth, spinneret, thoseberubies, vanadis, weftwarpwimble, wyrtgaelstre
Friend of:74: 9dayswonder, actthebear, agretos, alyttelgeste, aphanes, appointedtime, artificer, aurora_leigh, buddingmorrow, commonsensical, crowinthealder, crownandhoney, dispater, dryad, eidolon, eigengrau, enyalios, erinys, fieryarrow, forerunner, gallowsburden, girlfriday, goldenbells, guanshiyin, hesperos, heyjupiter, hezarafsana, horticulturist, infamyofcrete, inlonesplendour, interduca, ipsevenenabibas, itsaliving, karkinopous, kerdea, kore, lapucelle, lepidopterist, liesmith, limetree, liquidasets, littlegreycells, longsnakemoan, malakh, mercurymods, milesbetter, mimic, necocyaotl, nohardmatter, noirishnodogs, ohsnap, okouwa, oolissays, plentyncael, posthumous, profiteer, psychopompous, rockbottomriser, saltsea, sanguinetauri, seafoamborn, secondsight, settheory, sevenveils, shiva, silverbought, sofamiliar, solinvictus, songsofearth, spinneret, thoseberubies, vanadis, weftwarpwimble, wyrtgaelstre
Member of:1: mercurystanding
Account type:Early Free User

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