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User:omfgraeg (38341)
Name:tayuyasex? yes prz.

i'm on a campaign for pain
and when i get elected
i'll wipe the white off your house
the smile off your face

PERSONALITY: Tayuya can be summed up in one word: extreme. When she's happy, she's really, really fucking happy, and if anyone tries to wreck her mood they can expect her fist shoved so far down their throat she'll be picking shit out of her nails for a week. When she's angry, it's a screaming, cussing fit immediately, and when she's done being angry, it's only because the instigator is bleeding from the eyes. If she ever got depressed, she'd probably fall so far to pieces that it would be impossible to deal with, but Tayuya does not get depressed, she gets angry. It's very hard to deal with her because she functions in such black and white extremes, and it's very hard to become her friend if you can't properly hold your own against her behavior. Her only soft spot is music, which she is very passionate about, and thus unless you're willing to agree with everything she says, getting into a debate with her about music is extremely unwise because A: she's right, you're wrong, and B: you will walk away bruised for having a different opinion. All of these things tend to make her a really bad actress all around but a very good character actress; if she plays an overdominanting bitch, the movie will probably sell out.

LIKES: Music music music music music, ultraviolent zombie movies, eating, video games, sex, breaking stuff, and outdoorsy shit.

DISLIKES: Girly gay shit, your feelings, people crying, heels, shopping, makeup, normal jobs, school, stupid people, stupid people paying lots of fucking money for their stupid bullshit faggot pop artists that have no talent what the fucking fuck, high pitched screaming, cutesy shit, that music-murdering rat bastard Steve Jobs, MTV, vegetarians, politics and the shitheads who bring them up at dinner, quiet mousy little brat women who are trapped in the fucking 18th century and can't stand up for themselves, people who shop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, people who shop at Bath and Body Works, suffocating perfume, basically everything that isn't the shit above.

full app mun game limits contact profile

Schools:None listed
People24:biteme, candystripes, devilswalknstik, feelgoodmods, fragileternity_, gigabugbyte, greatwhitesmile, inhumanresource, kiss_and_sell, last_to_know, legwarmersplz, longshowers, lost_but_found, makemefeelgood, makingabang, notyourfantasy, omfgraeg, phase3, scarecrow_honor, smileyface, speedy_recovery, stillwaters, tosharesunshine, vitiated
Communities2:feelgoodinc, feelthis
Friend of:17: biteme, devilswalknstik, feelgoodmods, gigabugbyte, greatwhitesmile, inhumanresource, kiss_and_sell, last_to_know, legwarmersplz, longshowers, lost_but_found, makingabang, notyourfantasy, omfgraeg, phase3, stillwaters, vitiated
Member of:2: feelgoodinc, feelthis
Account type:Early Free User

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