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Vincent ([info]requiemofchaos) wrote,
@ 2008-01-15 23:30:00

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01) Final Fantasy is a video game series, however it is one I have been playing ever since I was young and I am a devoted fan to the series just like how some people are devoted fans to Star Wars, Star Trek, and such. I do enjoy the whole series and I probably always will. So I ask that you do not add me just to tell me how wrong I am, why a certain one 'sucks', or to just spam up all of my entries because of this. And yes I also play Final Fantasy XI, so in the same sence please don't add me or spam me up just to tell me why I should be playing whatever MMO you subscribe to, I've been told "why" many times, and to be honest it gets on my nerves. I'm happy where I am and have no intentions of 'moving'.

02) I myself am also a person who is intrested in the paranormal, so along the same lines as the first rule I ask that you don't add me or spam me just to inform me that I'm crazy for having an intrests in Ghosts for example. In fact, if your main point in wanting to add me is just to argue with me about my beliefs and hobbies well then I think it's best you go find someone else to add. I don't believe that everyone has to agree with me, not at all. I would just perfer to keep my journal free of debates because this is my place.

03) I am by far not the best at spelling, nor do I have the best grammar and I do not expect anyone to be perfect at either. However if most of your entries are along the lines of "liek omg i saw todd today nd i wuz like d00d wut u up 2?!?1 and he wuz all leik nothin lololol!11 pwnd!" Then chances are I am not going to add you.

04) If it comes to the point where I would rather not add you in return please do not spam me, insult me, hound me, etc. If that is the choice I make then thats how it is.

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2008-10-25 02:10 am UTC (link)
Heh, hey there. I never, ever update this thing.

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