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User:sailorsaturn (57516)
もういちど: しけん、しゅくだい
しつもん、こたえ、れい... わかりますか?
Website:S A Y O K O: Purple Nova

This is a home organization journal so don't expect anything interesting reads unless you are into reading into one's life into home house cleaning and domestic affairs. If you want a more interesting read, you may want to check out my account on Blurty.

(Full credits of the gorgeous Hotaru Tomoe fan drawings to my favorite fan-artist Ryutaro Hino)
Interests:51: anime, art, astronomy, biology, botany, candles, chemistry, computer games, cooking, culture, dancing, drawing, driving, education, environment, fashion, gardening, genealogy, graphics design, incense, interior design, japanese anime, journalism, knowledge, kung fu, language, languages, linguistics, literature, martial arts, meditation, music, nature, origami, painting, parenting, photography, physics, poetry, pottery, psychology, reading, science, sociology, spirituality, sports, technology, travelling, video games, web design, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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