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Eunice ([info]seren) wrote,
@ 2008-01-09 15:56:00

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Good afternoon!
Well, since I'm here, I think I had better make a first entry. Show willing and all that. Firstly, thank  you to [info]aussierose53for giving me a code to get me here. Once I got here, I decided I liked the place and upgraded to a paid account. Phew! 1,000 icons! So far I've only got 10 so I had better get weaving.

An introduction would be a good idea now. I'm 46 and very happily married, with a daughter who is 21. We have five cats, two hens and a goldfish, and are planning to get six more hens in the spring.  I live on the coast of west Wales, near Aberystwyth. I guess you could say that I'm a typical Piscean: emotional, butterfly-brain, mostly harmless.

I have lots of interests, have a look at my profile page and see if you share any. I welcome new folks on my flist of any age. I have a lot of other jounals if you're interested. They are:

LJ serennau (locked journal)
Scribblit.com pisces
InsaneJournal piscesgirl

There are others, but they are the ones I use the most. Well, I think that will do for a first post. I have to clean the goldfish's water now. Poor Ichabod, his tank is looking a tad cloudy.

Pryn da!

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