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Eunice ([info]seren) wrote,
@ 2008-01-09 15:56:00

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Good afternoon!
Well, since I'm here, I think I had better make a first entry. Show willing and all that. Firstly, thank  you to [info]aussierose53for giving me a code to get me here. Once I got here, I decided I liked the place and upgraded to a paid account. Phew! 1,000 icons! So far I've only got 10 so I had better get weaving.

An introduction would be a good idea now. I'm 46 and very happily married, with a daughter who is 21. We have five cats, two hens and a goldfish, and are planning to get six more hens in the spring.  I live on the coast of west Wales, near Aberystwyth. I guess you could say that I'm a typical Piscean: emotional, butterfly-brain, mostly harmless.

I have lots of interests, have a look at my profile page and see if you share any. I welcome new folks on my flist of any age. I have a lot of other jounals if you're interested. They are:

LJ serennau (locked journal)
Scribblit.com pisces
InsaneJournal piscesgirl

There are others, but they are the ones I use the most. Well, I think that will do for a first post. I have to clean the goldfish's water now. Poor Ichabod, his tank is looking a tad cloudy.

Pryn da!

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2008-01-09 07:12 pm UTC (link)
Hey it's me, again. I just must add you to scribbld. Doing it right now.

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2008-01-09 08:41 pm UTC (link)
Hello, there nice to meet you and thanks for the add.

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2008-01-12 08:13 am UTC (link)
Thanks Seren.... now how long are you paid up for and was it expensive?

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2008-01-14 11:40 am UTC (link)
You can pay any amount from $10 and get up to 3 accounts changed to paid. And it's permanant paid. I know he's switching off the early adopter accounts from today (14th). But the donate page is still up, so you could probably still upgrade to paid.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2008-01-12 08:15 am UTC (link)
Meant to tell you that I sent a message to the support team at Scribblit last Saturday to ask when if at all they were taking in new members.... NO RESPONSE. I cannot say that I'm inmpressed!

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2008-01-14 11:39 am UTC (link)
Yes, to be honest, I'm a little fed up too. They have two scribblit sites, the main one and the beta. We're all supposed to remake our accounts at the beta site so they can switch over. I did, but hardly anyone seems to have bothered.

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2008-01-21 11:34 pm UTC (link)

May seem odd and all but a friend of mine referenced me to Scribbld. I found I liked it, I stuck my profile up, hashed out a few interests/passions/obsessions. Wales, Welsh language, history, culture, yeah, that's kind of a biggie since one of my greatest heroes is a Welshman. Well, was...Long dead now though.

Anyhow, figured I'd say hello from across the Atlantic pond.

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