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Eunice ([info]seren) wrote,
@ 2008-04-08 13:51:00

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Current music:Runrig Proterra

Hello again
It's been a while. And though it's nice to read his posts, [info]jimmy is the only one on my flist who has writen anything too. So, if I'm to find a few more folks to add, I think I should show willing and post. Occasionally at least!

Update time then. My husband (known as Himself) is working near Newcastle now. He's been there a few weeks and as the company he's at are a bunch of numptys, he's looking for a new contract. My daughter (L) has moved out for a few months and is now working on Anglesey for the RSPB. I'm just the same as always.

Our family is minus one though, as our dear old cat, Snookie, died last thursday. He'd been deteriorating for over a year as he had feline aids. For a while, our vet thought he just had problems with his mouth, with tumours. But when he died, the vet realised that he had kidney failiure as well. As soon as John said that Snookie had aids, I knew he wouldn't have long left, but we hoped he'd have longer than he did. We miss him terribly. He's buried in the garden by the greenhouse, next to Bruce, who was a friend of his. It seems odd, to only have four cats. For a gentle old cushion of a cat, he has left a big hole in the family.

And spring is here, only just! We've had some snow and last night, hailstones. But the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are springing up all over the place. About time too.

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