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User:shutupred (7425)
Chitterings in the grass
-:-- Maybe it's just the crickets --:-
(no userpics)
Name:The lunatics are in my head
AOL IM:AIM status babblingvoices (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Info - Ramone Delongs
Ramone Delongs The supposed ringleader of this little band of merry monkies, Ramone tries to keep peace as much as possible. Unfortunately, he can't manage it too well and so more often then not they run wild and hijack his journal, making it into something far more deranged then what he originally intended.
[info]i_am_ the Dr. Raven Sable - Famine of the four Horsemen of GreatestJournal!
I am the fanboy of Dr. Raven Sable - Famine at [info]thefangirlof.
i'm in ravenclaw! Come and play...
Info - Therit Baal-Ist
Therit Baal-Ist Descended from the Fallen Angel Baal, Therit is the next in line for the throne and the title 'Master of the Physical'. This does give him a bit of a swollen ego, and the notion that 'Master of the Physical' implies he's great in bed. This is not proven, though he's willing to test it.
He also has his own journal, here: [info]mister_physical.
Info - Erisel Morwenga
Erisel Morwenga Erisel is one of the Nephilim, the product of an angelic-human union. He has a fiery temper and isn't afraid to back said temper up, despite his short stature and too-thin frame. Erisel is very close to what family he has left, and will defend them with his life. He may look like an angel, but Erisel is one of the least religious beings around.
He also has his own journal, here: [info]oneredangel.
Info - Shinar Resel
No image Shinar Resel is a unicorn hybrid, which is why he has a silver horn in the middle of his forehead. He loves sugar-lumps and apples, and tends to be one of the more whimsical boys in the group. He's the one most likely to make a post about a cloud he saw that day, or what he thought about a particular type of flower. Good for a swift 'pick-me-up'.
Info - Travis 'Net' Smith
No image Travis 'Net' Smith is one confused individual. A gay, masochistic Jewish emo with aspirations to be a great ballet dancer who suffers from drug, pain and sex addictions. Needless to say, his entries are always amusing in some morbidly fascinating way.
Info - Bit Cest
No image This blonde demon is a far cry from the one mentioned above. Bit Cest is essentially what happens when you put a Hippies mind into a demonic body, dress it in pink frills and send it to town. A budding poet with dreams of the perfect romance, Bit can occasionally be too mushy for his own good.
Info - Poteh
No image Poteh is the offical lunatic. As in, he does actually reside in an asylum and has to take medication to appear even vaguely lucid. He uses a word-to-type program, so his posts tend to ramble on and on until his Nurse turns the machine off. He thinks he's the reincarnation of the Angel of Forgetfulness. Whether he is or not is an entirely different matter.
Info - Semiazas ~ formally The'iel
No image Semiazas was once an angel in the Garden of Eden, but due to falling into Lust and Vainity he became the demon Semiazas. He's very driven by what he likes, not really caring for anything aside from that. Despite being kicked out of Heaven, he's still very religious and devoted to God. He still hopes to be taken back if he behaves, but fails to do so rather often.
Interests:134: , amusing typos, animal rights, animals, apples, archangels, asylums, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, bad euphamisims, bad poetry, baking, ballet dancers, bangles, being the serpent, being weird, bible study, cake, catering, chastity, cherubim, chocolate, christianity, cooking, cosplay, crested geckos, crowley, dark humour, eden, faith, faithfulness, family guy, famine, famine/pollution, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, feathers, femme boys, fidelity, fireworks, flaming sword, flash bastard, fools, forests, forgivness, four horsemen, foxes, funny hats, futurama, gags, game boy, gamecube, garden of eden, gay, gj, glasses, glitter, god, good omens, good poetry, having fun, heaven, heaven and hell, hell, hentai, hippies, his dark materials, hobbies, hope, horsepersons, hugh laurie, hugs, kitsunes, kooky hijinks, nephilim, new books, nick-names, original characters, pestilence, pet names, piercings, pollution, porn, prayer, pudding in buckets, rats, reading, red, religion, rp, scripture, scriptures, sensuality, serpents, seven deadly sins, sexy butts, shiny things, shounen-ai, silver, sin, singing, singing camp songs, singing loudly, sinner, sinning, sins, slash, sleeping, slytherin, smut, snake eyes, snakes, socks, southern pansy, sparkly lubricant, sparkly things, spiritual, spirituality, spooning, stargazing, staying up/sleeping in, stephen king, storms, strawberries, stuff, sunglasses, tamagotchis, tattoos, tempting, wingsmut, worth waiting for, writing, yaoi
Schools:None listed
Account type:Early Adopter

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