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User:socialite (7759)
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Interests:72: agent provocateur, audrey hepburn, ballets & operas, barefoot, beach hair, betsey johnson, bowties, brigitte bardot sex appeal, cigarettes & lattes, coco chanel suite, cool lemonade, dancing, dancing in mini dresses, daydreams & fantasies, effortless charm, emilie simon, fashion, fashion industry, fashion magazines, fine champagne, french breakfasts, french films, french movies, georgina chapman, gia carangi, gold bangles & hoops, haute couture, high heels, hotel romps, jade jagger, jane birkin, julien macdonald, knee high baseball socks, laying on the beach, living in my bikini, london, lula magazine, marchesa, marguerite duras, music, nightclubs, paris; my dream ♥, parties, roberto cavalli, roland mouret, sand in my hair, savannah chocolate cake, shopping, singing, skimpy lingerie parties, skinny jeans, skinny-skinny, spice girls, string bikinis, summer trysts, summers, summertime, sundresses, sunkissed skin, sunshine, supermodels, surfer boys, tanning, tea time dresses, thai food, the beach, the berkeley hotel, valentina zelyaeva, vanessa paradis, victoria beckham, wedding dresses, white chocolate mochas
People5:amour, bouncy, loveandpink, socialite, turquoise
Account type:Early Adopter

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