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User:star_healer (60261)
Location:United States
Bio:Avatars of Vishnu:

1. Matsya
2. Kurma
3. Varaha
4. Narasimha
5. Parashurama
6. Vamana
7. Rama
8. Krishna
9. Buddha
10. Kalki Yaten Kou/Star Healer
(My screen name is a Japanese anime cartoon avatar... which can switch between male and female forms like Mohini/Vishnu... hm!)
11. Kalki

When small lives tremble in fear, through the darkness of night, comes a sacred shooting star!

Interests:12: aino minako, animals, anime, compassion, cute things, empathy, ethics, lakshmi, life, light, love, vishnu
Schools:None listed
People2:news, system
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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