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4th April 2008

Random hilarity and funnies @ 00:32

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RenArchertoo: ::Hm. Knocking doesn't seem to do the trick. Still, he acts with utter caution and a very clear sense of guard -- like one who has learned to become jaded and even cold to some degree. Managing to open the door wide enough to
RenArchertoo: wriggle on through, the blue-skinned creature stops long enough to listen about. Gauging and, honestly, hoping to all blazes someone doesn't look at him and decide he's a life-sized alien doll like the last being who decided to
RenArchertoo: dress him in...odd clothing. Very odd clothing -- comparative to the "gangsta" or "ghetto" look. Complete with doo-rag...thing::
VHardLuckWomanV: ((Be back in a few.. shmoke treat ))
MysticaIDreams4u: ::Chuckling as she watched the others, she grinned at Ransom:: I'll see if my dad will let you. ::Glancing over at the new creature, she smiled softly as she spoke:: Evening there.
MuseofaBlindPoet: It's undeniable, he's easily amused and even more easily distracted. The bottle comes down on the bar with a thump as he leans on it, full attention on the little blue thing creeping across the floor. "What is it?"
RenArchertoo: ::It's difficult to move your ears when they're as big as his -- five inch ears -- beneath the cloth tied around his head. but he manages. Sniffing in the direction of the Female's voice, the blue oddity chirps as if in response.
RenArchertoo: Curious but always like an animal::
Roguish grin: Leaning over, Kyran snatched up the bottle of scotch after it had come to rest. Normally, he was the sort that would drink properly, from a glass, but the mood and the company seemed a bit more relaxed. Taking the cue from the
OnlineHost: Alenia Solarius has entered the room.
Roguish grin: juggler's surprised question, he followed the other mans' gaze to the small... person-thing there. Green eyes blinked several times, and he popped the cork from his scotch bottle, taking a long swig.
MysticaIDreams4u: ::Smiling, she glanced at Ransom and shrugged, then spoke to the small creature again:: Can I get you anything?
RenArchertoo: ::Well, he supposes a try at talking won't be too bad. Provided he's not *too* amusing. His English is absolutely deplorable. His "ghetto-speak" is even worse:: Wha-at be uhp, dahwww-guh?
OnlineHost: Carrielj83 has entered the room.
MuseofaBlindPoet: His lips vanishing in an attempt not to laugh, eyes wide and beginning to water with the effort.
Carrielj83: Room for one more
Carrielj83: ?
MysticaIDreams4u: ::Grinning, she leaned on the bar casually:: Not much homie. ::And after that, she didn't know to respond and went back to normal speech:: Need anything?
MuseofaBlindPoet: He shakes his head nudging Heaven, "No, no Babe... it's... Not much homie boy g-funk. Chillin in da crib. Sup wit'chu?"
Carrielj83: :::::looks around wondering if noticed:::::::
MysticaIDreams4u: Then you talk to him ::Grins:: And be nice.
RenArchertoo: Ho-mee? ::Ooh. Another word added to his limited vocabulary! Crawling forward in as straight a line as he can, the oddity tries sniffing out each voice. All the while, alas, he runs smack into a few things. Eh, useless eyes do that:

13th February 2008

Writing! @ 15:40

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So I got a character template done for my book. In honour of a beloved character played by a good friend.

Gavin Archimedes Kavanaugh!




7th February 2008

The Gauntlet Comes @ 21:46

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All right. I've held this in long enough.

Yes, this is a rant, so you are warned. It's not going to be pretty.

Still here?

Hokay. You have indeed been warned.


In a nutshell, I am SICK AND BLOODY TIRED of CHARLATANS thinking they can RP a blind character and pull it off well without doing research. These same people, when found by those who actually ARE blind, get all up in a tiff and cry "It's only fantasy!" Yes, it may only be such. And fantasy, yes, allows for magic and other things.

But for Hodr's SAKE, people, get some BRAINS and know what the hell you're DOING! Blind and seeing auras? Please. A full-sized HORSE as a practical guide animal? Please. Seriously, people. You make me laugh. You make me sick and you make me understand why I'm such the misanthrope that I am.

You people are beyond stupid.

And worse, you think you're doing a decent job at it? Dear gods, people, research!

The white cane did NOT exist until 1940.
The dog guide did NOT formally exist until 1927!
And no, they didn't get beyond mainland Europe too much until after Morris Frank.

These charlatans make me sick. They should not be allowed to play until they've been put under the blindfold for eight weeks. Then they might have SOME idea of what they're doing.

Okay. I'm shutting up now.

-----End Rant------


27th January 2008

Standings @ 23:07

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So I have a story going on with my critter.

The sad thing is, I may lose him. I'm a creator by nature and I tend to get attached to something that's taen me this long to develop.

He's not ready to go.

I know he isn't. And I'm not ready, if ever, to let him go.

I will likely elaborate later on.



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