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User:succubus (15821)
we never thought we'd get caught up stuck in a teenage waste.
Name:"bhinneka tunggal ika"
AOL IM:AIM status lol yr dads gay (Add Buddy, Send Message)

it's you and me in open air. it's truth or dare. we don't care.

we're counting the stars.
as we explode. as we let go.
Interests:38: chappelle show, cheap liquor, deflowering virgins, destroying your self-esteem, eating children, ex sex, fightin’ words, functional alcoholics, getting crunk, house parties, indonesia, intellectual conversations, john lennon, karma, kittens, money, obnoxiously large hoop earrings, pokémon, polytheistic animism, pussy, race jokes, sexual innuendos, sexy women, star wars, strippers, stun guns, sulawesi, taco bell, talking shit, theology, thunder thighs, tits, unexpected foot massages, wayang golek, whiskey, white boys, writing, young lust
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Member of:5: bitchbook, fashionesque, flame_cup, flamecup, post_secret
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2008-01-26 17:57:39
Date updated:2008-01-27 16:25:19, 730 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 2.0.0
Journal entries:0
Comments:Posted: 7 - Received: 0
Posting Access:3: bitchbook, fashionesque, post_secret

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