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User:takuya (22405)
Not for ranting.

[info]bou for ranting.
Interests:57: akihabara, an cafe, antique cafe, berryz koubou, bou, c-ute, crazy dancing, crazy-dancing-in-tokyo, crazy-dancing-on-the-subway, danny noriega, david archuleta, david cook, david hernandez, death note, dj shadow, dust, dwight k schrute, hana wo p-un!, hello! project, hey!say!7, hey!say!best, hey!say!jump, japan, jason castro, jim halpert, kenichi matsuyama, kira pika, l, light, little britain, michael johns, michael scott, miku, milkyway, misa, morning musume, otsuka ai, pam beesley, pirates, piriri to yukou, ramiele malubay, ryuk, sakuranbo, shibafu, shinigami, sid vicious, takuya, teruki, that's-so-drong, that-scary-girl-in-shibuya, the office, tokyo, vicky pollard, visual kei, w, watari, yuuki
Schools:None listed
People5:bou, news, nude, opeth, system
Communities2:bitchbook, nyappy
Account type:Early Free User

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