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User:the_warlord (41892)
To conquer others is to have power;
to conquer yourself is to know the way.
Name:Commander Jennifer

Layout by [info]gossymer
Interests:28: battle, conquering, corsetry, deserts, duels, first blade, first wife, fun with manacles, gold, harem, jewels, liz, poetry, shamshir, silk, smugness, spicy food, strategy, swordplay, tasteful decor, taunting angelique, the bedchamber, training, victory, war, weaponry, wimminz, wine
Schools:None listed
People6:angelique, blossomed, firstwife, seer, steelandsilk, the_warlord
Friend of:5: angelique, firstwife, seer, steelandsilk, the_warlord
Member of:1: aphrodesia
Account type:Early Free User

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