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User:thisisforkeeps (14320)
living legend
you can look but dont touch
Location:United Kingdom
AOL IM:AIM status ixadorabiexl (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:
Bio:rachael, 18, england, epsom art college, university in september to do graphic communication, work at tesco, drive a silver saxo.
Interests:44: 10 tihay, bitching, britney spears, catching 'kodak' moments, chinese, cinema, clubbing, dancing, drinking, eastenders, experiencing new things, eyeliner, family, funeral for a friend, getting to know someone, gossiping, graphic design &communication, hollyoaks, inside jokes, kelly clarkson, kelly rowland, late nights, laughing, laughing at stupid things, meeting new people, music, my friends, my ghds, new songs, photography, pubbing, raspberries, reading, robyn, scary movies, shopping, sleeping, snow, strawberries, sweets, taking back sunday, talking about everything, the spill canvas, winter mornings
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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