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User:thorny (10543)
Interests:44: and of course, art is life, being fantastic, cafes, candles, castles, chalk, coffee, cranberry and turkey sandwiches, dad, davis, film noir, fog, gryffindor, helping out people, history as principle, lamb with mint, loudness, mick, montrose magpies, moving very fast, mum, paisley a bit, pulling faces, rainbows, random hugs, robert, running through the rain, scotland, second hand bookshops, snap judgements, street fairs, streetcorners, tea, the 1970s, the bm, the concept of home, the smell of woodsmoke, the underground, travelling, vintage shops, welly boots, whispering, whistling loudly.
Schools:None listed
People22:arithmancy, barnabas, bones, fairestchild, finnigan, frilly, harpoon, leisurely, loud, mactheknife, manipulating, mikehunt, paranoia, patil, pigtails, queenie, qvmods, smartarse, thor, thorny, turpin, welsh
Communities2:quivive, quiviveooc
Friend of:7: finnigan, leisurely, loud, paranoia, qvmods, thor, thorny
Member of:2: quivive, quiviveooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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