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anthony told you so. ([info]toldstein) wrote,
@ 2008-02-01 17:26:00

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1 June.
Right. Despite the fact that I hate everything athletic, I guess I'll be playing dodgeball. It's really only because I want the opportunity to hit Macmillan with some balls.

But if you think I'm going to run around with you in the morning and stuff, well. You're wrong.

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2008-02-01 11:37 pm UTC (link)
I suppose I'm participating in the dodgeball game now. I just hope that it doesn't interfere with the play.

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2008-02-01 11:42 pm UTC (link)
You are? Good. I don't think it'll interfere with the play, though. Unless the curse decides that we all need to be taken out viciously during a game of dodgeball, making it so that we're all too severely injured to even consider acting in the show.

Uh. Just kidding?

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2008-02-01 11:45 pm UTC (link)
I hadn't thought of that. I will need a backup plan.

You know, running isn't terrible.

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2008-02-01 11:48 pm UTC (link)
Yes it is. Have you seen me? I'm, I don't know. I'm gangly and awkward. Running and I do not mesh very well together. Plus. I hate this weather.

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2008-02-02 12:10 am UTC (link)
Would you like to take a practise run tonight or something? Not an hour though.

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2008-02-02 12:19 am UTC (link)
That depends. Would this involve running outside? Or would it be like, I don't know, jogging up and down the stairs a few times?

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2008-02-02 12:25 am UTC (link)
I was thinking a very brief run outside.

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2008-02-02 12:30 am UTC (link)
Hmm. Fine. But you'd better mean BRIEF!

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2008-02-02 12:31 am UTC (link)
Don't worry. I know your limits. In a strictly masculine sense, of course.

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