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violet_lily ([info]violet_lily) wrote,
@ 2010-02-19 02:26:00

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Unfortunatly...Thats Unfortunate!
So much has been going on lately...I've met so many great people and everything seemed to be going really well for me for once,I guess I should have noticed that though. I mean when everything's going so well it usually is heading for a downfall,and not that what's happened can't be a positive thing...It's just alot to take in at the moment.

So the main issues I've been dealing with lately is that I'm moving back in with my mother since I'm having some financial issues..fun fun..and since she lives like an hour away I quit my job(so now I'm broke)...oh and on top of that I recently found out that I'm preggers..just in case I didn't already have enough on my plate. So now I have to get moved and find a new job asap! This is just wonderful....*sigh* I must say though I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive family and boyfriend. I think I'd be in super panic mode more than I already am,if I didn't have them by my side!

This is just another life challenge I have to face and I'm really trying to be positive about it but it's defiantly not gonna be easy. I mean with me living an hour away from my boyfriend and all of my friends..I'm not looking forward to that at all. I'm gonna try to visit as much as possible but the more I think about it..the more reality sets in. I mean with no income at the moment I'm defiantly not going to be able to be driving back and forth to see everybody..not to mention especially in my prego condition.I wish my bf would just move in with me but we just started dating so I guess I understand his delay to..but I mean with everything going on I just don't want to be stranded alone out in the country with my mother! Plus on top of this my last pregnancy was 3 years ago and I miscarried...so every little thing that happens I get worried..even if i sneeze weird I worry..bleh. I just can't wait to get into my 2nd trimester..until then I'm stuck being terrified :( I dunno anyways I'm awfully tired so goodnight everyone!

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