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User:visigothicreign (32596)
The new era.
Stronger. Better. Faster.
Location:Oak Harbor, Washington, United States
AOL IM:AIM status Visigothicreign (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status Visigothicreign (Add User, Send Message)
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Google Talk:
"Who gets it? I do. Why? Because I'm the man, and I can."

I hate it when people tell me what to do. I'm mixed but don't really look it. I'm a degenerate at heart. I am simple, but look complicated. I over think things. I obsess. I speak my mind... but usually when it's too late. It takes me awhile to trust. I don't get bored easily. In fact, I don't remember the last time I was bored. I tend to hold my emotions in and let them leak out very slowly. I hate when people judge me before they know me. A lot of things bug me, actually. Things can get on my nerves very easily, especially when I'm at work. A few jokes and I'm usually alright. Second chances are not for everyone. I don't give second chances to liars and cheats. Family is relative. (no pun intended) Driving scares the shit out of me, although that generally doesn't stop me. I haven't been too open about that fact until recently. I guess I just stopped caring about the embarrassment. I wear tripps, and button up shirts. I have a terrible memory and I have no idea why. Some people see me as an ass, while some see me as a sweetheart. There is no in between. I pick favorite friends. Im not arrogant. I just play like that. I am not a risk taker by any means unless I'm trying to impress. Honestly, I play it safe. I live for the moment within my own bounds. Computers are my friends. I am a Tekken Lord. Jägermeister is a staple. Sushi, fish, cheesy fries, chicken especially wings, and tortellini are my faves. Shawn Michaels is absolutely my hero. No doubt about it. My real mother is a prostitute and has been arrested multiple times for it. Somehow the woman is still alive. My allergies affect me much of the year. I can never escape them. Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru is the sweetest and saddest movie I have ever seen. I don't look at the televison unless it's wrestling. Besides that, television and movies are useless. The RIAA is a piece of shit. Buying sound is like buying air - I don't do it. Extremist Conservatives or Liberals piss me off when they try to pass themselves off as "moderates". I call them out. I am a moderate. I hate people who turn everything into politics. The world is much more than that. Although the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I just want to lay back with someone I can love and watch the sun explode. A significant other cheating on me is defined by that person doing something with someone else in an intimate fashion (physical, mental, or verbal) that they would try to hide from me. Yup.
Interests:146: 10 years, 311, a perfect circle, accuface, ace of base, adema, afi, alcohol, alice in chains, allele, alter bridge, audioslave, basia, basshunter, bbs boards, better than ezra, björk, blind melon, blur, burn season, bush, button up shirts, cake, candlebox, cats, chevelle, chris cornell, cold, collective soul, cologne, colorful stockings, computers, crossfade, dagda, darude, default, deftones, discotronic, dishwalla, dolores o'riordan, dry cell, earshot, edie brickell, endeverafter, evanescence, eve 6, fastball, finger eleven, fiona apple, fishnets, flyleaf, foo fighters, food, friends, fuel, gackt, garbage, genetics, gin blossoms, glow sticks, goo goo dolls, gorillaz, guns, helium, him, history, human nature, iio, jane's addiction, jncos, kittens, koЯn, level 3, limp bizkit, linkin park, lip gloss, lisa miskovsky, live, local h, love, luscious jackson, marcy playground, megadeth, mocha frappuccinos, music, nine inch nails, nirvana, norah jones, numeriklab, opus iii, our lady peace, papa roach, pearl jam, perfume, peroxwhy?gen, pharoahe monch, placebo, pod, programming languages, puddle of mudd, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, rev theory, saliva, salt n pepa, seether, semisonic, seven mary three, sevendust, shinedown, sister hazel, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, sonic dream collective, soul asylum, soul decision, soundgarden, spin doctors, sponge, staind, stone sour, stone temple pilots, story of the year, submersed, switchfoot, swords, taproot, tea, teachings from the pleiadians, technotronic, temple of the dog, the cranberries, the exies, the mary timony band, the verve pipe, the vincent black shadow, the wallflowers, third eye blind, three days grace, tonic, tool, tori amos, train, trapt, tripp pants., vertical horizon
People2:porn, rainbowveins
Mutual Friends:2: porn, rainbowveins
Account type:Early Free User

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