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User:xenophiliac (22276)
drifting through my open mind
shines around me like a million suns
Location:Hay-on-Wye, Wales, United Kingdom

Interests:20: book shops, books, caerphilly catapults, cryptozoology, fantastic beasts, ghost stories, legends, magazines, magical creatures, mythical creatures, mythology, newspapers, quidditch, ravenclaw house, rumors, school, studying, wales, writing, zines
Schools:None listed
People16:blacksheep, blitzkrieg, dorkie, edges, gastrolyor, hookum, longbottom, magic, moonyloonylupin, serendipity, smythe, somedayemmeline, staglike, teakettled, wildflower, xenophiliac
Communities3:cortinula, crumpeted, sconed
Friend of:15: blacksheep, blitzkrieg, dorkie, edges, gastrolyor, hookum, howhighthemoon, magic, prewetty, serendipity, smythe, somedayemmeline, teakettled, wildflower, xenophiliac
Member of:3: cortinula, crumpeted, sconed
Account type:Early Free User

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